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  1. Have a great day, SJ! I googled "happy birthday poop" but I just couldn't insert any of those images.
  2. Oh yes, know that McD's well. Only place open late at night if you want fast food. Just one exit up Rt 93 from where I lived on Park St. We could never remember what was on the "limited menu" so had to guess what we wanted whenever we went there late. There used to be an all-night Denny's next to it, if you wanted to sit down to eat. But I think they remodeled it into an upscale Denny's (if there is such a thing ) before I moved away.
  3. +1 on the burgers. They never sit well, plus they seem to be as big as a frisbee. Love the chicken sandwiches, even the grilled ones, and the fish sandwich is good, too.
  4. sorry, gg, hope you're adjusting. i'm sure she'll be fine because you sound like a great mom. don't have any xanax but maybe you could use some of these:
  5. Lots of good advice in this thread. Another site is Ladders.com. They specialize in $100+ K jobs and there may be a monthly fee. But you can get update emails on any jobs that match your criteria. They also have advice on writing resumes, going on interviews, and all the steps involved in job hunting. LinkedIn is good for creating a network and keeping it up-to-date and, as was mentioned, it also has a job board. CareerBuilders has advice on how to write a resume, an introduction letter, a thank-you-after-the-interview letter and so on. I'm sure there are other websites like that as well. There may also be job boards specifically for the type of work you do. When I was laid off, I looked at the regular boards but also those that were only for my industry (publishing). Not trying to be "a broken record," but the best way to find a new job is to network, network, network. Some jobs are never posted so talking to people in other companies may give you a lead. Good luck and happy job hunting!
  6. Sorry LBS. Guess the birthday thread fairy has been too busy lately.
  7. Remember the Titans The Replacements The Longest Yard Did not like Any Given Sunday Anyone like Invincible? I enjoyed it, though probably not in the top 3.
  8. that's weird, mine is still working. I did have to "refresh" the screen at one point early on.
  9. http://atdhe.net/22530/watch-washington-redskins-vs-new-york-jets
  10. We have Whataburgers down here that are open all day/night. They have their complete menu always available plus breakfast from 11 PM to 11 AM. I think their policy forced the 24/7 McD's to keep their full menu available, too.
  11. Wonderful news, Kleck! Glad things turned out better than you thought.
  12. Why did Coleman run out of bounds? Why didn't he run over Clausen?
  13. It's weird. On my PC (XP), the notifications go to a separate screen with a list of all notifications. But on my Mac, it works the other way -- when I click on the notifications, it goes to the actual quote.
  14. My notifications now go to another screen -- before it would show me the posts, which I could click to get to. Has something changed?
  15. How about a cake for each of you? Have a great day, PhilMax!
  16. We have one down here -- Wayne Wright, injury lawyer. At the end of his ads, Wayne comes on, says something like "we DEMAND justice," then picks up his briefcase and cowboy hat and walks off the screen. Hey Wayne, not all Texans are cowboys! Oh, and those "what do I need for retirement" ads, just stop now! I don't need to see some amount of money I'll never have walking around behind me. I hate those ads -- follow the green line to Fidelity. Shut up already! (I'm not really mad, it's just so depressing.)
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