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  1. Well this IS JetNation and Max IS our leader. 'Nuff said.
  2. But why put the bottle in a dead squirrel?
  3. V--Sorry you had to do that, but I'm sure Luna had a wonderful life just from hearing your stories and feeling the love & compassion you have for your dogs. It is difficult to do and many of us on here have gone through it. But please know in your heart that you did the right thing so that your "Loon" wouldn't suffer any more. Your memories and thoughts of the good times and of the loving home you provided will sustain you as you deal with your loss. BTW, dobies rock!
  4. I was just about to say the same thing. Her nose looks just like her mother's and her brother's. Look at the close up of the baby in the first post and the pics of her mother and brother. Very similar. But where the blond hair and blue eyes come from.
  5. I can still picture him being exasperated by Joey (Kevin Kline) and Rosalie (Tracey Ullman) in I Love You to Death, a funny comedy. Only 70 years old. RIP.
  6. me, too, except when i'm flying in a plane through them drove all the way down to San Antonio to get a good deal on a new TV this weekend -- has wireless internet apps on it, can stream netflix directly from the tv -- pretty cool
  7. LOL. hey you -- yeah you, letting your dog poop on my front lawn i can see you and it's disgusting clean up after your dog like everyone else -- my yard isn't your doggy litter box
  8. More good news about Mel What a scumbag! Another site said she was holding the baby when he hit her and broke her teeth. He could get jail time. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2010/07/12/mel-gibson-tape-oksana-rant/ Mel Gibson Says Oksana Grigorieva 'Deserved' Being Punched in Face, Report Says An explosive audio recording which allegedly features Oscar winner Mel Gibson admitting to hitting his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and twice threatening to kill her was released Monday on the celebrity news site RadarOnline.com. In the recording of a telephone conversation, the site says the enraged actor tells Grigorieva “you deserved it” after she says that he hit her and broke her teeth. He also said “You need a f**king bat in the side of the head,” RadarOnline.com reports. Gibson then allegedly makes what could be considered a death threat, screaming "I’ll put you in a f **kin rose garden you c**t! You understand that? Because I’m capable of it. You understand that?” The two are involved in a bitter custody battle over their eight-month-old daughter Lucia. The L.A. County Sherriff’s Department has also opened an investigation into Gibson's alleged violent behavior toward Grigorieva, that will soon be heading to the district attorney's office. “Investigators are treating this case very carefully," a source close to the investigation told FOX411.com. "They’ll be determined to nail him. It’s highly likely he’ll do time (in jail) for this if found guilty.” A rep for the Sheriff’s Department stated that the investigation was preliminary in nature and no further information is available at this time. A rep for Gibson earlier declined comment but said a statement could be made sometime this week. FOX411: Gibson Could Get 4 Years if Convicted of Felony Assault.
  9. +1 Couple of years ago Austin put in newer restrictions for May thru Sept. This is the minimum restriction, could be fewer or no days depending on weather. Can only water 2 days a week. Sprinkler systems or movable sprinklers: No watering between 10 AM and 7 PM. Hoses can be used anytime, but only on your eligible days. Watering only on these days, no matter the mechanism. Multi-family & commercial: Tues & Fri Odd-numbered houses: Wed & Sat Even-numbered houses: Thurs & Sun
  10. Last year we were in an "exceptional" drought, to the point that lakes were drying up. Everyone's lawn was brown, so no big deal. Plus, even watering really didn't help. We also didn't want to waste water (and pay $$$ water bills) on a lawn when there were shortages. This year, a different story. Lots of rain, grass is amazingly green and won't stop growing. Just wait it out. The rains will return (and then people will complain about that ) and you'll have green lawns again.
  11. C'mon down to south-central Texas, garb! After living in Boston for 20 years, I don't miss any of what you listed. I'm happy to be somewhere with no real winters.
  12. Hey Jetscode, thanks for the recommendation about Tito's. I'll look for it around here. Spec's will probably have it. Sounds like everyone likes LiV, Ciroc, Hangar One, Svedka. So tell me, does anyone freeze their vodka, and then drink it straight? I see that on TV, but I don't want to waste a bottle by freezing it, if it's just some stupid fad. Curious how you all drink your vodka.
  13. Maybe a dumb question, but how do you watch either of these leagues' games in the US? We don't have NFL Network, and I just don't remember seeing them on regular cable channels. Are they broadcast on cable, or is there any online streaming?
  14. Haven't seen this much. People down here generally hold the door open for others, and the others thank them, often with a smile. I don't see the rudeness I used to get when I lived in CT and MA. (I know it's a generalization but I really did see a difference in friendliness when I moved down here.) Just spent 3 days in Jersey City and NYC, and no one held doors for anyone. Not much manners all around but maybe it's just the "big city" way.
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