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  1. I don't think he's that hot overall. He does have nice eyes, though.
  2. Ha, ha, no nepotism there. Gotta love Limerick! Here are Limerick's education dollars at work. You would think they have bigger problems to deal with there. Telling a kid he had to shave his head and take his exams by himself because his hair dye was unacceptable. What a joke! http://www.independent.ie/education/latest-news/principal-sees-red-as-student-dyes-his-hair-2225671.html
  3. That's just wrong, though I did read that Ocho Cinco has a small map of Florida on his left cheek -- his face, not other cheek. So, Kleck, does your neighbor's tattoo look anything like this?
  4. Had one 3 years ago--guess they last 10 years--so didn't need another one. Just some meds. I also have a rash from the band-aid I was wearing. Wtf? Who gets a rash from a band-aid. It itches like hell. Sorry, LBS. No oozing here. It's in my forearm and it barely even bled. It's just a small puncture wound with a red rash around it.
  5. Good idea! Funny thing is that I work from home. I have no idea what kind of injury would be allowable on worker's comp. What if I tripped going downstairs during work hours? Would that be covered? Went to doctor's anyway. Got 7 days of antibiotics to take. Better safe than infected.
  6. **yawn** (it's contagious) I accidentally poked myself with garden shears this weekend. Now I'm at work debating whether to call the doctor since the puncture wound might be infected.
  7. Misdemeanor assault citation -- Class C assault citation, punishable by a fine up to $500 From an Austin news channel, which follows Vince and the Titans because of his UT career http://news8austin.com/content/sports/271784/young-involved-in-altercation
  8. I thought that A&M would want to stay with UT, but the Oklahoma-Texas rivalry has overtaken the old UT-A&M rivalry. It's crazy down here when OU plays UT. A&M has talked about their natural rivalry with Arkansas and LSU. I think SEC would like to get into the TX market--better for recruiting down the line. Plus, there are a lot of Aggie fans, who would probably drive to the closest games. Even the TX governor is an Aggie alum, though he says he's not going to sway any decisions. He says he doesn't want politics to be involved. The Austin paper today said that it's pretty much a done deal that UT and the other 4 will go to the Pac-10. There's a meeting on Tuesday with the UT regents but the meeting sounds like it's just happening to verify the decision. We'll see. It'll sound weird to say that Texas is in the Pac-10.
  9. Oh no, you didn't!!!! (look below, Thor) Had three that I can remember: 1. priest - liked the ceremony and wanted to lead it; didn't want to be a nun 2. NFL kicker - liked kicking balls around and thought it would be fun to run onto the field to kick a field goal 3. teacher - just always liked teaching, even got a chalkboard when I was little Well, being female, bet you can't guess which one came true? I became a high school math teacher -- yep, that's right Thor -- a high school math teacher!! And I'm older and haggier than gg, so watch out or you'll be in detention, young man.
  10. I realize that it's a hard song to sing and not everyone has the octaves. I don't mind them going low. But when a singer has to make the word "glare" be 5 syllables, that's just wrong.
  11. Have a wonderful birthday, slowmoe! Soon you'll be having windy city celebrations, so enjoy this while you can.
  12. Well said. I hate all the variations that singers put in just to show off their vocal range (or lack thereof). Thanks, Boozer, I hadn't seen that before. Truly amazing and beautiful -- the way it's supposed to be sung.
  13. Cute kids, doggin! Love the Dance Contest idea, though where are the disco tunes?
  14. That's wonderful news, N! You must be a proud mom. Go out and celebrate! (couldn't find any candy corn graduation treats, so this chocolate will have to do )
  15. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, DM! speaking from experience and as NS said, it's only a number.
  16. For all you donut lovers who can't stay away from your computer.
  17. Don't know, but I used Google Translate to find out that the first two lines are: Recruitment candidates than 500,000 + excellent applications right ear Supports sending file to the consumer immediately after a wind posted. Not sure if the spammer or Google got it wrong.
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