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  1. mizzou got tha best team in tha world tha mizzou tigers we bringin home tha chip
  2. we gonna lose favre sucks mangina sucks trade 4 andre
  3. -realtalk- just tell lil homie like i say hit and and quit it ya dig and hit it hit it like ya cant miss
  4. yall cats got r trippin yall should be gettin down wit dimes -realtalk-
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ4vQmpaDAg
  6. i gots money on my mind that what it about get money **** bitc**es
  7. nah cuz u trippin tha jets alway be draftin bust so that a good idea in 4 years kobe24jets gonna be in tha draft then yall got tha best qb eva
  8. aight then trade favre 2 tha viking and sign andre
  9. ayo gots a good idea trade bfavre and clemens 2 tha giants fo black jesus aka andre woodson then we gonna be unstopable 18-1
  10. he a bust we shoulda got my boy andre
  11. i doin good tha clubs down there bangin that dude mangina betta give me my money back ya dig
  12. weezy f can play a guirtar that ***** a beast on it
  13. this dude a clown how tha hell did that fat **** get a job dude mentally challenge i drive all tha way tto tha game i want my money back ya feel me
  14. ayo homeboy garb is tha teacher ya dig lmao
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