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  1. i aint kno homie all i does it turn up tha music and put on fo my city ya feel me
  2. **** tell sbiii 2 meet me at tha 4040 club 2morrow at 12 whoeva bags tha hottest chicks get 2 be unbanned ya dig
  3. ayo i leavin my crib at 11 2night any1 kno how 2 get to tha nyc from prospect kc
  4. ayo u my goon homie ya gotta get them cats 2 unban me at ji get that money
  5. -realtalk- tha series was fixed dstern gots to much **** in his mouth
  6. yea bro go 2 tha 4040 club on friday umma be tha cat with all tha SeXy hunnies
  7. i cool ya ass down if ya think u hot **** that -reatltalk-
  8. ayo what tha best clubs n tha nyc umma be there this weekend fo tha game gotta hit tha clubs
  9. yall r haters yall always hate on black qb yall kno my ***** tavaris gonna be in tha hall of fame
  10. weezy f was thuggin wit got money that **** crazy
  11. if that fat ass cat goes fo my boy favre knees umma beat his ass
  12. lol ya one like 1 football gamein 200 years at ya school yall r pathetic
  13. vy is abeast homeboy gonna be tha next favre ya dig
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