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  1. i thinks its funny that cats that aint from tha hood talkin bout hip hop they aint no hip hop wayne is hip hop
  2. or ya could be 18 like ya boy kobe24 and got a full shcolaaarhip 2 play d1 football and bball ya dig get that money
  3. ayo homie brett favre talkin is way hooder nfljet talk is wack change it back put on fo ya city
  4. nah we got brett favre fo 4 years then kobe24jets tha futuure is gonna be drafted -realtalk-
  5. we goin 19-0 thats a gurantee we aint choke like tha pats get that patrone on ice
  6. ayo that what it do get sum patrone and hennesey go 2 tha club and holla at hunnies ya dig
  7. kobe24jets


    y was homeboy banned
  8. lol this ***** judgin other men thats wack
  9. tight now we aint gots 2 read ganggreen posts ya dig
  10. lol aint even close redeems got kobe dream got jordan kobe>jordan redeem>dream
  11. thats whats up ya my ***** from ji we gotta hit tha clubs when i be in tha nyc
  12. **** fireman ed he aint a jet fan he aint eva gonna be a jet fan he aint nothin but a bandwagoner
  13. i get drunk go to tha club and party ya dig
  14. yall aint wanna hit tha club dam yall trippin
  15. no kobe no gold no kobe no basketball -realtalk-
  16. nah cuz im leavin bro gotta get my madaden on b4 tha club ya feel me
  17. it aint even 10 bro no1 go to a club till 11 lol u trippin
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