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  1. im like a magnet i walk into tha club all tha hoes stop and stare they want tha d
  2. bro u trippin umma take u clubbin sometime no homo and show hot 2 get down and i aint listen 2 tha carter iii ne mo its old
  3. ayo ij we gotta new garb and kelly in tha makin lmao ya feel me
  4. nah i took 3 of tha shawtys i hooked up wit back to they crib and got my grown ass man on and wayne took his 3 back to his bus and took them 2 another world thats whats up
  5. that fake i went clubin wit wayne last night homeboy was gettin a bunch of hunnies no lie
  6. LOL homie wanna be wit one chick lol homie u gotta be gay u like my lil cousin who 13 gotta slap some straight into him ya dig all tha fine hunnies>1 hunnies just accept it -realtalk-
  7. nah lil weezy say that in his song a milli -realtalk-
  8. i gots a son i aint no virgin i wrap it up now i got a brain
  9. homie i gets mo puss in a day then ya get in ya life
  10. lol thats whats up when my album go on sale or if i gets drafted first umma get my fans on here a bentley -realtalk-
  11. yea shawty but i only holla at tha dimes top of tha line ya dig
  12. i can get any girl on tha planet wit out even tryin
  13. lol game gotta use tha pats i could beat that ***** wit tha jets and i aint good on tha 360 i kill any ***** in madden on ps2 or xbox
  14. i feel ya i just aint givin up my purp or patrone
  15. thanks 2 my ***** kobe wit out kobe we aint **** usa we got this **** tha otha cats usa>every1 else ya dig
  16. kobe24jets

    09 pride

    it our year ya dig we run tha school like we run tha streets 09 pride rep ya hood
  17. **** gunit ****in fag**ts a-- homo they aint **** that ***** curtis works fo tha police he aint hood curitis wished he was wayne homeboy wanted wayne 2 do a track wit him weezy like **** that that ***** aint hood that ***** needs 2 retire game killed gunit long time ago gunot ****ed wit tha wrong man ya dig RIP gunit ggggggggggggggggggggggggggg UUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT
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