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  1. bow wows a clown dude should be usin his money fo some **** 2 make u taller that ***** aint hit puberty ya dig
  2. yall trippin if ya gonna bet ya gotta bet big money like 100 thou
  3. ya got a 360 run tha ball up tha middle wit leon tjones 2 slow and 2 get a good pash rush gotta do zone blitz that what i do how i do
  4. that aint work bro its tha nut tuckin pats
  5. any1 knows where i can watch last nite game on tha comp
  6. homeboy how do ya lose on pro ya should be droppin 100 pts err gane
  7. i aint want just tha score i just want high lites
  8. any1 kno how to get tha game tommorow high lites sent to ya phone
  9. u trippin -realtalk- is 4 real g that do real thangs ya dig
  10. rock aint music bunch of old ass gay guys that likes 2 wear makeup and girl jeans ya dig ya dont like patrone cuz u aint man enough 2 handle it i on that patrone get like me
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