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  1. ganggreen gets inside a woman same chance ya dig
  2. where does ya get tha new madden cover i aint find anywhere i hustle tha steets they ainteven have it
  3. dudes i kno been sellin this off tha streets fo 2 weeks
  4. umma be at tha pats game 2 all us *****s from jn should go club hoppin sat night ya dig
  5. i aint bandwagoner bro i been a jet fan since i was 1 day old
  6. thats pimpin glad theys changed tha cover
  7. do tom brady like trannys or do he just stick 2 guys
  8. chad aint nothin but a traitor thats like leavin tha blood fo tha crips
  9. how tha **** are we lettin ken dorsey rape us that cats arm worse then chad ****
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