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  1. rillo

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Browns homer says what?
  2. I've missed a few games this year, and tuned in yesterday just to see if we might be competitive against a hated rival. Nope, fooled me again, back to reclaiming my Sundays.
  3. rillo


    The Rex fantasies on here are hilarious. He's not walking through that door.
  4. rillo

    Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    This effin guy.
  5. rillo

    Kearse was horrible today

    The guy was a joke today.
  6. Jets made the phins defense look like an all pro defense.
  7. What's Bowles record against the phins? They've own us it seems.
  8. However the center is better be out of a job tomorrow.
  9. rillo

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Definitely, The Exorcist is still the GOAT of that genre. Nothing IMO has topped that.
  10. rillo

    Star Wars....DOA

    Cash grab would be my guess. Tokens are useless once they stop accepting them and they already have your money.

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