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  1. I didnt say the dolphins were good. Im just saying the jets suck!!! haha...
  2. Cry Cry Cry.... Quit your bitchin! The jets SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks. It felt like we won the super bowl!
  4. Well the truth is I had to dumb down a little so you guys culd understand what I was talking about. Ooooo good one huh.
  5. Aw come on I'm just havin a little fun. And its easier to talk smack to a team with only two wins.
  6. It sucks! But it will change sunday. 1-11 here we come!
  7. I think someone from the Jets paid the guy to stomp on him so he couldnt run all over the jets this weekend. Ha ha ha..... Suckers
  8. Nah. They will probably crack open a beer.
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