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  1. Tom,

    Stop with this media based Pennington has no arm BULL...., He is a warrior who can make the reads, can lead and can throw when called upon. This Jets team has been completely lacking in the play calling department with a sieve of an offensive line and an up and down defense - I do agree Sutton must go.

    Tom Brady had the luxury of two hours behind that impenetrable offensive line to decide where he was going; with that line my grandmother would have been considered the greatest QB ever to step on the field. When he was challenged by an unrelenting defensive front in the Super Bowl - HE LOST - so should the Patriots can Brady and go with a backup.

    Stop touting NY media hipocrasy, I am a New Yorker and proud of it. Chad's arm is fine, he doesn't play defense and cannot be held accountable for their inability to stop the other team, he doesn't play offensive line, so he can't be held accountable for not blocking. 2008 is going to be a new season with the shoring up of the offensive line watch not only Chad but Thomas Jones flourish.

    I disagree with the Jets renegotiating with Coles, he is an everyday receiver nothing great. Great move on the Jets part letting Vilma go and going with Harris.

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