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  1. Only 10% of the child support..and only the kids he can name.
  2. Also, this week we'll be giving away the Cromartie jersey
  3. Ouch! Last week I won, but I ripped up my ticket and went to another number. It would be in poor taste if I won. lol
  4. Wilmington, NC

    Its not a full restaurant. The owner is all for it. We will be blocking off the side parking lot, breaking out the grills and tapping a keg. We're looking at tailgating the Dec 12th game vs the Dolphina, but that may change being that it is a 4:15pm game. I'll try and update information on the fan club site, www.portcityjets.com
  5. Lol, the pay is too good. Glad you came out this past week, we've got a pretty nice setup.
  6. Hey guys, I'll be in Rochester, NY for business on Dec 6th (Jets/Pats on MNF) anyone know of a Jets bar in the area?
  7. Wilmington, NC

    haha... sorry, for the uninitiated "bean bag toss"
  8. Wilmington, NC

    Thats cool. Definitely check us out, we'll be doing 50/50 raffles and jersey giveaways the deeper we get into the season. Like I said its just Jet fans using the lounge, so the more people come - the more fun for all!
  9. Wilmington, NC

    Great food up there. Yeah Deffinately try and come up maybe when we have the tailgate.
  10. Wilmington, NC

    Nice! I've actually gotten a deal worked out with Fibbers. We have full use of the lounge area, projector tv, 2 HDTVs and a private bar (coupled with food/drink specials). The owner is a big Jets fan and is on board with a fan club using the space. He wants to eventually hang Jets banners etc. In a few weeks I'm planning a tailgate there..grill up some food, play some cornhole/ladder golf jersey giveawys etc..
  11. Hey folks anyone in Wilmington, NC? I'm hoping to round up more Jets fans for game watching on Sundays. Anyone around?
  12. Seems like a fair amount of peeps on this thread are from NC. I wanted to throw this out there... I'm part of a Jets fan club in Wilmingotn ( www.PortCityJets.com ) and we are trying to get all the Jets fans into one location. We recently worked out a deal with Fibbers, we have full use of their lounge side, which means private bar, projector and 2 hdtvs along with various food and drink specials for those in Jets gear. The owner is a big Jets fan so it works out great for us. So if you're in Wilmington currently or plan on visiting by all means check us out!
  13. Jets fans in NC?

    Is anyone out there? Located here in Wilmington, NC...getting a local Jets fan club organized so we can take over a fine drinking establishement. The way this season is going we need to band together!