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  1. 2018 Mets thread

    BTW almost 30 months since the Royals celebrated their WS victory on the field of Citi Field. I just wanted to remind you guys, baseball forum's been very quiet since 2016 for some reason.
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RM7lw0Ovzq0
  3. 2018 Mets thread

    Oh yes, they actually get much slimier. Every NFL owner to start...sh*t, the Wilpons aren't even the most disgusting owners in the NL East, which says more about sports teams owners than it does for the Wilpons. The Mets aren't beating the Nats without luck but if Syndergaard is healthy and the lineup realizes getting on base is a good thing this year, they might sneak into WC contention. I think the Dodgers are overrated this year and the NL West might beat up on each other enough...
  4. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    That is how objective works
  5. IF Jets sign Suh.......

    Holy sh*t this guy is on a roll
  6. Dez Bryant available ? 🤔

    This whole post is the most NFL fan post possible without also throwing out something about too much money. Why do I keep giving this sport the time of day?* *It took maybe 6 seconds to find out how not true every word in that post is
  7. Dez Bryant available ? 🤔

    Neither one of these guys are actual scumbags, neither is overpaid, and the owners' serfs think anyone who makes it to their second contract in this sport falls under both categories.
  8. Dez Bryant available ? 🤔

    Whoa now, don't want to build too interesting an offense. Guy's 29, only has 17 TDs since 2015 (151 receptions), and has like so much drama like that thing that happened that time.
  9. Even looking past that he's better than all of them, the position label really doesn't matter.
  10. JETS SIGN WR/KR Andre Roberts

    Didn't they sign Lucky Whithead? I thought he was a WR/KR. I don't know which one is better.
  11. I DO agree with this barring some off field incident I am not thinking of.
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jZQZ1GY7Q This offseason is almost as hilarious as that bit.
  13. Legit one of the worst posters this board has ever had and prooooobably not a real person.
  14. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    This will get you there