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  1. Well the first sentence is just an incredibly stupid stance that doesn't make any sense. It's an open forum, throw up a paywall or password protect the thread or something if you want to close a thread to the public. You didn't give away picks on purpose because you feel some type of way about the team you're drafting for. Apples to oranges. We *all* get that this is bullsh*t, no one is saying otherwise, but we've done these forever without anybody actively sh*tting on the whole thing because they have the GMz powerz.
  2. Fair enough, but hopefully because they're looking to milk more free picks from this....guy.
  3. An actual response to the draft value chart (twice), which objectively showed what a bullsh*t trade that was and done on purpose at that (an actual troll act), was that it's stupid and he has the GM powerz. Like wtf....How is that anything but an unreasonable person choosing to be an a$$hole? This is the first poster I've seen in the decade+ of these mocks - treat it like it's some bullsh*t (we leave it unsaid)...As far as I see it, it was rude and disrepectful to everyone involved and done vindictively because this baby troll feels some type of way about the team he's drafting for. Special offseason
  4. No problem. So I'm clear - we now require permissions to post in certain threads or is it just this one time thing because *that's* the best defense for that troll? He can still keep talking his troll nonsense because he filed the proper message board paperwork?
  5. Yes, because that is what actually happened. You trolled the whole mock and still are trying your darndest to convince yourself otherwise.
  6. Bowels is too stupid to even know who they want prolly. Prolly another safeties lolz
  7. There was a brief window where I thought signing Matheiu was a thing. Then I learned he had blown out both his knee, played a league high # of snaps or something, and remembered that this is the NFL. He's a better 2018 injury candidate than some superstar they missed out on.
  8. Rotfl *still* trying ------ I like that Landry pick for the Ravens. There's another LB prospect I think is slipping through the cracks right now.
  9. I don't exactly have high expectations for McGM but no one who is actually a GM would be so dumb as to just give away a third round pick. More hilarious - gives away the pick and deludes himself into thinking he actually upgraded the pick.
  10. I think it's saying 6-7 when they pick 3? Sounds very serious....Wooooooooe be us Jets fans and the Jets!
  11. Year 1 featured a top 5-6 defense: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef2015 Oh and the first Jets offense in the top half of the league in nearly 15 years...The first top 10 passing offense in nearly 15 years....
  12. I had no idea until yesterday's hilarity in the mock draft that there were people against the trade up.
  13. They're all "**** off" answers, all the time and forever. It's up to the beat writers and columnists to milk the sh*t out of it until the next go around.
  14. Yeah but he locked away Hackenberg for two years. How do we KNOW Hackenberg sucks if Bowels is too SCARED and stupid to play him?
  15. Oh and: https://twitter.com/realcubsinsider/status/969743002875801601?s=20
  16. I'm liking that the Cubs went with a bat first, switch hitting backup catcher in Caratini. He's been on my radar as a while, hard for me to resist a bat first switch hitter who happens to handle a premium position well enough while being either young or age appropriate for his level. He doesn't have starter upside, at least not first division starter upside, but the profile alone should keep him employed in the league for a long time. This roster is pretty gd loaded but I'm still thinking there's big a trade to consolidate within the next year. I'm still huge on trading for Stroman and Osuna from the Jays or Archer and Colome from the Rays. Picking up their respective CFs in the same deal wouldn't hurt but not interested without the pitching. Stroman or Archer, I personally prefer Stroman by alot, would be superstars in Chicago, bigger than they already are...
  17. Yeah, the landscape of the NFL right now reminds me of when the MLB was patiently waiting for the Trout/Harper/Bryant/Stanton generation to take the reins from the Pujols/Cabrera crowd. By 2020 the NFL will have a brand new group of super duper stars. Personally it seems like this one will be slightly less QB-centric but they'll still be mandatory to really matter.
  18. Rotfl this guy is STILL trying to justify that nonsense Jets trade
  19. Oh, the 49ers got a coup with Ward. That's pick pairs extremely well with Jimmy G should he prove to be anything close to the QB they hope he is.
  20. Top 20 seasons by DVOA and/or DYAR from a Jets QB in 3 years under McGM : 2 Top 20 seasons from a Jets QB in the previous 15 seasons: 1 Top 10 passing offenses under McGM in 3 seasons: 1 Top 10 passing offenses the previous 15 years: 1 Obviously this is a pretty low standard, but I see progress for a franchise that has consistently ranked in the bottom ten of QB play the past two decades. Getting a QB more than a decade younger than the guys they've fielded, and with a top 3 pick in a 3 QB draft it's most likely coming, will go a long way towards fixing what actually ails this franchise. I don't particularly like or recognize McGM and friends yet, but I'm pretty optimistic the Jets' setup by the time the Cubs are down winning another WS in late October will be a good one. Suuuuure would be nice to find a good RB to go with this QB they haven't drafted yet. I'm liking Royce Freeman. Need someone to carry the offense this year since I don't expect a rookie QB to do all that without some luck.
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