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  1. QFT. I'd rather sign Andrews at RT and draft a younger, less expensive, and less whiny player...or sign Smiley. If he's unhappy in Pittsburgh, joining a rebuilding team can't be on the top of his list.
  2. Can someone explain to me whats so great about signing a soon to be 33 year old G whose sucked for the past 2 seasons? It MIGHT be a good move in the short term, but it doesn't really seem like we're building for the short term does it?
  3. I really hope we don't sign Faneca. Old, expensive, bitchy, and declining. Not exactly someone a rebuilding team wants to tie a huge contract to. Like the draft, but it's just impossible. Blake will fly up boards if he interviews well and performs as expect at the combine. Alot of reports were saying he came back bigger, faster, and stronger after his bout with...whatever it was. He and Groves are largely ignored now, but I think they will remind everyone just how nasty they are at the combine. No chance in hell Duke Robinson is around in the 3rd. He's got the potential to be the be
  4. I'd rather not go back to the 4-3. BT and Ellis at the end positions don't sound so appetizing, and I actually like both of those guys.
  5. Our LBing corps is decent at best. Thomas needs someone across from him and I think he'll pick his game up. We need a pass rusher just as much as we need a NT. Someone like Gholston or Groves would be nice.
  6. Its Tommy John surgery...maybe 15 years ago it was a big deal but nowadays its far from a kiss of death. It's got like a 80% success rate, and alot of guys have had the surgery performed.
  7. I'd rather draft Vernon Gholston than anyone else in the first right now.
  8. I completely disagree with this post...at least the first half.
  9. Meanwhile Mario Williams is becoming one of the best all around defensive players in the game. He's got 8.5 sacks this season.
  10. I'd rather sign one of the younger, less expensive non-Faneca guards. Stacy Andrews would look nice at RT or RG.
  11. Something I noticed is that many "breakout" QBs lately have walked into nice offensive situations. Derek Anderson getting to play with a great O-line, an elite TE, a big/fast/young WR. Phillip Rivers had a solid season last year with elites at RB, TE, and the best O-line in the NFL last year. Roethlisberger early on in his career had an offense he was basically there to manage while gaining experience. Chad in '02 had a very good O-line, two good WRs, and a running game. Brady had one of the best QB coaches in football, a very efficient offense that doesn't ask a ton f
  12. I don't think either team gets him...or even desperately wants him. If one team wants him more than the other, it's the Yankees.
  13. True... Frank Morton, Henry Smith, Jason Shirley, Marcus Harrison, and Carlton Powell all have NT size, builds, and skillsets. They just aren't Wilfork/Hampton/Ngata type prospects.
  14. I love this offseason, but I think Young doesn't last to the 3rd. Guard prospects usually jump up just a bit before combine when they're discussed a little more. It would be a pretty decent offseason though. Doesn't solve everything, but thats not exactly easy to do .
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