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  1. Adams is going to be hilarious when this team finally joins the 21st century on offense.
  2. Are you working on convincing me of your nonsense or yourself?
  3. Are you going to keep ignoring the actual trade for what you think you did?
  4. He just KNOWS man. Plus if he repeats over and over that the third round pick got a high second it becomes true, just ignore that 3 got traded for 5 straight up.
  5. Lol love how you keep thinking this is a thing when you gave up the third pick in the draft to do this. To make it more hilarious you then took the same player you adamantly passed on. Throw in that you got a gift in the Broncos trading up for a RB
  6. Uuuum, he gave up a third round pick in a deal he didn’t have to and lost two spots in the draft. He then ended up picking one of the players he didn’t want for that...GD this is a special offseason at JN.
  7. How is this guy not the Bills' GM? Pinky swear you'll still leave me the QBs I didn't want! I'll give you our third round pick for it lol....Tf
  8. Yeah if you ignore that their GM deliberately took sh*t value because it's all bullsh*t anyway, it's all good as usual. Boooo
  9. They're still better off, under this current CBA, not going over the luxury tax for a closer. Saves kind of aren't so valuable when it's possible more than half the lineup has a legit shot at 30+ HRs along with high OBPs...Plus Holland is on the market until he's not, so if they found some loopholes to exploit in season a signing remains possible.
  10. Agreed. IIRC the knock was arm length and he easily met the benchmark.
  11. Grown ups wouldn't sign up for a group thing they consider bullsh*t, selfishly treat it like bullsh*t even though through the many years its done people take it seriously, then start crying about how it's bullsh*t and they have the powerz yada yada....It stopped being fun the moment one of the GMs decided to throw the draft based on considering it all bullsh*t anyway. So wack, glad I didn't do it this year.
  12. For probably the 5th time: No one gives a **** about how you feel about the QBs. What matters is that you deliberately took less value and then chose to sh*t on this whole mock draft thing as a reason why. There is no reason you should have been participating based on what you've said, mostly that this is nonsense therefore you can do whatever nonsense things you want.
  13. I mean, if you want to play dumb games like that, then these are personal attacks too. Either way, I do not understand why you chose to participate if your whole thing was to pretty much sh*t on anyone participating or organizing this by reminding everyone it's fake so do whatever.
  14. It's more the deliberate ****ery, copping out, and then casualloling because its more important that we all feel empowered and confident than not be full of sh*t.
  15. Once again, I do not understand why you chose to participate. Who gives a dang about you not liking the QBs, you deliberately took less value and then argued that this is all bullsh*t anyway so why not. It's just soooo...well I can't say what I think it is but it rhymes with bunty and starts with a c.
  16. I 100% believe if your mind even kinda sorta works like this guy's did there is no chance in hell that person comes close to a GM position. To not even walk away with more picks...Booooo
  17. Which does nothing to change the fact that it is. On top of it you apply a three year old's reasoning (I don wanna!) and, through disregard, pretty much sh*t on whoever chose to coordinate this year by reminding everyone that the fake message board mock draft is fake so pulling nonsense bullsh*t is OK.
  18. Sure, and what you did and your explanations are still bullsh*t. I still do not get why you chose to participate if you believe it's all bullsh*t anyway. Three picks in and the air got completely sucked the air out of something that's usually fun and slightly more sane than the rest of the offseason.
  19. I don't even know what this is supposed to mean but yes, it's a horrendous move that should be blasted. Instead I'm seeing some sh*t about how it's McGM's fault plus it's not real anyway, or how since he didn't like the available QBs its cool to just give away that pick plus a third to move down...Can't wait to see the praise he'll get for taking a guard.
  20. Bullsh*t upon bullsh*t but forget that you didn't like what was there. You went and took, deliberately, sh*t value for a top three pick in the draft. They don't even have more draft picks because you went and gave away the third round pick to move out of the...It's just so gd bad.
  21. Oh good Jah...Is this what you're telling yourself?
  22. Yeah, blaming this on what you imagine McGM is thinking makes this worse. What you did was some bullsh*t. This is the kind of move that would instantly get people fired and out of pro sports altogether. You can always fall back on this not being real, a copout, but if you never even respected this in the first place why bother participating?
  23. Dude, it's just a straight up bad move. There would, rightfully, be pitchforks and torches if the real life Jets botched their draft position like that. #3 and a third to move down...I'm stunned and this isn't even real.
  24. Gave up a third to move down two spots? At least, in typical JN fashion, you were wise enough to blame it on the actual Jets.
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