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  1. What's up with this Tremaine Edmunds stuff? Why will a teenager in the NFL go better than it did last time? There is not enough Leighton Vander Esch in that top 15.
  2. I think my current two favorite actors are Elizabeth Debicki and James McAvoy. I'm also partial to Eva Green and Dohmnall Gleeson. Everyone else seems to be doing some version of this: ------- Not sure I mentioned it but Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is a very fun movie.
  3. We need to deal with the reality that the Jets will never be as smart and shrewd as the Bills.
  4. This is one of those moments we should choose to take Manish seriously. Discord! Doom! Wooooooooooooe!
  5. Has anybody seen Ealy since those couple early season games? Hankins, please!
  6. It's pretty sickening you can't see through the Jets' act and even choose to defend. I submit that it is you that needs some help and is scary, you enabler.
  7. Trading that pick is a huge part of the Bills' carefully orchestrated, expertly executed Master Plan. It is inevitable, those true geniuses up in Buffalo have everyone right where they want them.
  8. No joke. The FO has shown a heavy bias towards defense and actively persecutes young QBs. It's hard to imagine any other intention but them hoping to injure Rosen. We remained doooooooooomed! Woooooooooooeeeeeeee!
  9. Between these two - Bowles is the least preferable? Am I the only one willing to note that the Jets have gotten more out of the QB position under Bowles (and McGM) than they have in almost 20 years? Is it not relevant as we bitch and moan all offseason about the QB position PLUS they're in position to take one of the three in a three QB draft that is a decade++ younger than what they've put on the field?
  10. Ugh, your optimism/positive spin... Wooooooooooooooooooe be the Jets
  11. No one on a QB-less roster is a difference maker in the way fans imagine difference makers to be.* *Except for Revis and even then fans, serfs as they are, found a way to make that miserable
  12. Now that you posted this it might make the air. My impression of the current sports radio scene is that secretly we're all the source for 98% of what makes the air. I've listenend to maybe 5 minutes in the past 3 years THO.
  13. It's just typical of the Jets, especially under McGM and Bowels, to risk injury of a QB prospect by working him out during a TORRENTIAL downpour. This is sickening. They were probably hoping he got injured so as to free up the opportunity to draft their favorite defensive player (probably another safety lol!). God the Jets are like the stupidest, wooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeee.
  14. Ugh, embarrassing Wooooooeeeeeeee
  15. BTW almost 30 months since the Royals celebrated their WS victory on the field of Citi Field. I just wanted to remind you guys, baseball forum's been very quiet since 2016 for some reason.
  16. Oh yes, they actually get much slimier. Every NFL owner to start...sh*t, the Wilpons aren't even the most disgusting owners in the NL East, which says more about sports teams owners than it does for the Wilpons. The Mets aren't beating the Nats without luck but if Syndergaard is healthy and the lineup realizes getting on base is a good thing this year, they might sneak into WC contention. I think the Dodgers are overrated this year and the NL West might beat up on each other enough...
  17. Holy sh*t this guy is on a roll
  18. This whole post is the most NFL fan post possible without also throwing out something about too much money. Why do I keep giving this sport the time of day?* *It took maybe 6 seconds to find out how not true every word in that post is
  19. Neither one of these guys are actual scumbags, neither is overpaid, and the owners' serfs think anyone who makes it to their second contract in this sport falls under both categories.
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