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  1. Whoa now, don't want to build too interesting an offense. Guy's 29, only has 17 TDs since 2015 (151 receptions), and has like so much drama like that thing that happened that time.
  2. Even looking past that he's better than all of them, the position label really doesn't matter.
  3. Didn't they sign Lucky Whithead? I thought he was a WR/KR. I don't know which one is better.
  4. I DO agree with this barring some off field incident I am not thinking of.
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jZQZ1GY7Q This offseason is almost as hilarious as that bit.
  6. Legit one of the worst posters this board has ever had and prooooobably not a real person.
  7. Please be the thread that gets this bot banned. He's Tx without whatever it was that allowed Tx to thrive for a little.
  8. It's all a part of the plan and you're falling right into their carefully laid trap.
  9. I forgot about the Phil bot series. You guys are STILL around?
  10. Another thing we have to consider is that Josh Allen is the first QB prospect in the history of history to throw to WRs I could not name. That alone is worth +2 completed passes per game. Another 'NOTHER thing to think about is that what he does have Cannot Be Taught. The upside potential ceiling development is through the roof. That alone is worth +3 completed passes per game. Finally, if you go back to the 80's there were successful college QBs below 60% like Brett Favre. That's easily +5 completed passes a game. Now he is firmly over 60% for all you nerds (aka bitches) out th
  11. I really should get in the habit of multi-quoting.
  12. Pryor was a cool scoop but I could have told you the Rosen/Allen bits. If not Rosen it will be Mayfield, pretty cut and dry at 3 IMO, those are the two they were most tied to earliest. The Allen stuff is new and came during smokescreen season. I really would like them to sign Gaines but they've signed zero players I went in wanting to sign.
  13. I'm pretty meh on the offseason so far but only because deep down we all know the Bills are a napping giant.
  14. You know how I like to get myself all excited for this dipsh*t franchise before being very disappointed? This is McGM in my head today and on draft day: Pull it off and he goes from McGM to Killer Mike.
  15. Note how everyone praises his physical tools and vague things like upside ceiling potential development rather than his actual skills at QB.
  16. I got pretty confident when I read here that the Bills had a master plan they were executing perfectly. I get not liking McGM and Bowels but that one still gets me.* *I should be saving this for after the draft to be safe
  17. https://twitter.com/Cubs/status/976581145876992006?s=20
  18. He also got drunk and ran from the cops in college. Then he cried like a little girly man. Just like Silver Spoon Manziel
  19. Kyle Long is going on a dunb twitter rant today: https://twitter.com/Ky1eLong/status/976479499918422016?s=20 https://twitter.com/Ky1eLong/status/976478164108103685?s=20 https://twitter.com/Ky1eLong/status/976477665103437824?s=20 https://twitter.com/Ky1eLong/status/976477254753636354?s=20
  20. "Explosive athletes? Todd Bowles don't support terrorism nor suicide."
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