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  1. Whoooo caaaaareeeees These guys got hit by 300 pounders wearing hard helmets for a living. Assume that takes it's toll on everyone but Elway, who is a Greek god.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/uchenna-nwosu?id=2559821 32" vertical makes him a Jets pass rushing prospect
  3. Once the QB is in I am perfectly fine with paying stud money to studs, particularly while the QB is young and cheap.
  4. No one with as much of a pulse as Lewis
  5. Alien: Covenant isn't bad so much as super dark and depressing. Reeeeeeaaaaaally dark, just for what happens to Elizabeth Shaw alone. Any scene with Fassbender's Davis is intense, great villain character. I tried watching The Amazing Spider Man this weekend but watching a 40 year old Garfield and 30 year old Emma Stone pretend to be HS students took me out of it.
  6. He's not young but Mercedes Lewis is an easy upgrade at TE before the draft.
  7. Cousins is going to be piiiiissssed when the Jets grab Barr/Hunter and Diggs next year.
  8. Meanwhile beating the Cubs that year is still the biggest thing the Mets have done in the 21st century. ----- I was watching Darvish's start the other day and got all giddy. 9 days until opening day!
  9. https://twitter.com/ChaseMit/status/975855879437238272?s=20
  10. Remember that one time I pick more first round matches than the experts? Can you BELIEVE no teams called despite that?
  11. Dylan Donahue: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pFvIdTbaMhA
  12. Rest assured they will be posted
  13. Fair enough, it is probably a waste of time mincing the Hurns and Pryors of the NFL anyway.
  14. For example - imagine Kirk Cousins is 27 instead of 29 entering FA. That alone easily gets him $100+ million in garauntees, and Jah knows how high teams would be willing to go beyond that.
  15. This IS sports so of course two years matters. Hurns at his best is better than Pryor at his best too, so that helps.
  16. Whatever that plan is, rest assured it pales in comparison to the Bills. Now those guys....Those guys are masterminds.
  17. My latest/hindsight take on Cousins is that I should have been out when the Steelers tagged Bell. Cousins was never going to do this sh*t by himself because no one does this sh*t by themselves anymore, if ever, and losing the top offensive weaponz FA to the franchise tag pretty much killed the dream. I also am not at all pissed about the Harvard and McChin signings. Money was there, young QB talent wasn't, and I don't believe in tanking. Finally - Todd Bowels has gotten a top ten (Fitz 2015) and top 20 (McCown 2017) out of JAGs at QBs. The last time the Jets ranked that high in DVOA
  18. I don't think it matters since those guys are disappearing. He's a quality enough DT against the run and the pass, ideally they're rotating him and McClendon at NT and maybe even DE in some run oriented packages. The big trend in sports these days is positionless whatever - NBA, MLB, probably NHL, the gazillion soccer leagues I will try to catch up with...If you're an athlete and you have some skills that help win, teams can make it work.
  19. Mercenary QB coach: My innacurate student is fixed! *Mercenary QB coach collects fee* This one guy: See!?!?? This number that's worked all century has been misleading all along!
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