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  1. Both those guys suck, McKinnon's a first contact twig. The article should be about Le'veon Bell. In hindsight I should have been off the Cousins wagon as soon as Bell got tagged.
  2. Remember when like 40 pages of this thread was clueless Mets fans talking sh*t after they lost a WS to the Royals at Citifield? Good times
  3. Any cool potential cuts this spring or summer? Justin Houston? Allen Hurns?
  4. I really try to be nice but you're being dumb for dumb's sake at this point. What about completing those two passes that would have legitimized him as a prospect became so difficult that he straight up could not do it? You keep going back to competition as an excuse - he's playing against a bunch of future non-NFL players and couldn't pull off something so basic every starter in the league, especially the good ones, has done it.
  5. This is still a really bad argument. If it's not such a big deal and not hard to accomplish, again I ask, why didn't he just do it?
  6. I don't think either of us have any idea what the relevance of this is for Josh Allen or pretty much anyone. Tebow and Smith were bad prospects for other reasons, Allen is a bad prospct for because he couldn't accomplish the simple task of completing 60% of his passes in college. It's not that no one understands your point so much as history is not with a prospect with a sub-60% completion rate like Allen.
  7. If any of this mattered and/or were true, particularly the bold, then the champions of the sub-60% QBs over the past twenty years wouldn't be Jay Cutler and Matt Stafford.
  8. If it's soooo easy to cover that gap like you want to pretend it is - why couldn't Allen cover that gap against college players? Why would things get better as a pro? The choice is there, no one is denying that. The lesser of the two choices in this scenario is clear.
  9. Whenever someone plays this card for a prospect the numbers outright don't like, just call shenanigans and move on. The chances of being wrong are low and in the ultra rare situation you get a starter the payoff is almost never what they said in the first place. Upside ceiling development potential is the ultimate get out of this prospect sucks free card.
  10. You really need to stop pretending this is a thing because it's not. Nobody cares about using college football stats in the 80's to find a quarterback in 2018.
  11. Aaaand he's employed again, ML deal with the Royals. Grimm's got a hot ass gymnast wife, just want to toss that in. Speaking off the Royals...Soler might be getting his act together. Hope so, I like the Royals forever for sh*tting on that loser second team in NY back during the 2015 WS.
  12. Lol no, that's not even a little bit how it works. OTOH, why was Wilson able to complete 72% of his passes at Wisconsin and Allen only 56 and change? They were both in the vaunted Pro Style Offense there sooooo...
  13. Fun fact: Roethlisberger had a 65.5% completion rate in college including 69% in his third year as a starter.
  14. I like how no one is making the case that Allen is actually a good QB prospect. Rather this seems to be all about how completion% is dumb because 40 years ago when QBs completed far few passes Favre completed 52% in college THEREFORE proof is in the pudding. Oh and if you mention that QBs back then mostly completed something like high40-low50s you're not considering that Allen played in a Pro Style Offense. Oh and Matt Stafford
  15. I think everyone is supposed to be like "omgosh I remember Chad Pennington woooooooe is us booo Rosen."
  16. Daaaaaaang, I didn't expect to get shut down so harshly.
  17. Oklahoma passing under Mayfield: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaaoff #1 nationally https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaaoff2016 #1 nationally Under Jones: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaaoff2012 #28 nationally https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaaoff2011 #26 nationally
  18. *clicks link expecting nothing serious* *gets nothing serious* *remembers you've mentioned this zero times so far and its a who-gives-a-sh*t point in the first place* Alrighty, so you're just out for a Sunday morning troll.
  19. I'm very confused by whatever bit's stance is here but I do know the Jets should stay away from Josh Allen.
  20. So he's a really good athlete: http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/kevin-pierre-louis?id=2543563 Eveything since the combine suggests a STs player, but the competition at LB on the Jets is not exactly strong enough to rule out earning playing time. After Lee, I think Josh Martin got the next most snaps last year at the position. Guy was picking between Stanford and BC for college, chose BC, so that's nice and interesting.
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