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  1. His posts might seem pointless and annoying, but maybe they wouldn't be if you followed Big Brother. You don't have to respond to my post, just think about what I'm saying sometime. I know you have a big report to do for tomorrow.
  2. You are so full of ****. Everybody on this site knows that you have no intention of going to these chats. Stop getting jetsrule128 excited. You're taking advantage of his big brother obsession and using it for your cruel amusement.
  3. I'm not jetsrule128. I didn't post about the af2, jets training camp, or a homosexual big brother fantasy.
  4. Ernest Goes To Camp. Enjoy! n3ZcT7PVbq0 gfNCHPEQ-JI&feature=related dawrApR6b-Q gMR9M379XEc Fmi7okgIc9k&feature=related oiySVu0YsuA&feature=related 1cjxhwg23Jk&feature=related sNs82QfpLQw&feature=related cKLhfWlZd48&feature=related 5N0zy_70NlA
  5. That's pretty cool, kobe. I wish I had money.
  6. I've been talking to him on the internet and he said he would like me to make him a happy birthday thread. I salute you, Jetsfan16. Have a happy birthday and many, many, many, more. I hope you don't get banned too often. His birthday was yesterday, and I don't come here often enough to see if somebody else made him a thread.
  7. kobe, you are the person I aspire to be. What education do you have? I want a job just like yours.
  8. You should stay in your class. If it is an online class, you can ask the jetnation community to help you when you take online tests.
  9. Even though he likes big brother, I still think some of the people on this site are a little hard on him.
  10. When was I defending 128? If anything, I was defending Kobe.
  11. Kobe shouldn't run away from his kid. It's people like you that try to convince people like Kobe to leave their children. Bet you didn't count on me telling you that Kobe shouldn't take your advice. P.S. You have to be pretty darn stupid to post here in the first place
  12. Are you a stalker, or are you just going to tell him to check his bushes before he goes to sleep?
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