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  1. Eli Manning is at the top of what i like to I call the semi-elite quarterbacks. Roethlisberger, Cutler, Rivers, etc. are also in that category. Let's not overreact to this early start the way Madden is to Spiller's outburst (look at who he played, lol)
  2. I still remember Mo Lewis knocking out Drew Bledsoe. I'm not sure which is worse: Week 2 in Pittsburgh without Revis, or 10+ years of Brady.
  3. Why are so many bashing on Revis for asking what he deserves? Have you all forgetten that Sanchez is getting paid more money after his worst season yet? The FO needs to play their own version of Robin Hood: take from the 6 and give to the 24.
  4. The Super Bowl is in Dallas. It's an indoor stadium, and was Folk's home last year. All the more motivation for Folk to be on target when he needs to be.
  5. Jets 24-20 in another nailbiter.
  6. That whole articele blows, and it's not just the Jersey/B references. Never mind the fact that the Jets played their best game of the season. Never mind that the coverage was incredible, and Brady was sacked 5 times. Never mind the offense scored 4 touchdowns in 5 trips to the endzone. And never mind that the league-leading offense with 34 points a game (or whatever the stat is) was held to just one touchdown in the first 59:30 of the game. According to the article, the Patriots are still being "punished" by the "football gods." This guy doesn't give the Jets any credit for beating the 14-2 Patriots in Foxborough, and he doesn't give them any chance to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh.
  7. 28-24, Jets. On a side note, the Steelers will beat the Ravens 13-10.
  8. You can't back into the playoffs in Week 16.
  9. Defense has been horrible since the Monday Night game. I blame it on the lack of endurance; these guys are getting worn out as the season has gone by. Think about it: 45 points to the Pats, 378 yards given up to an offensively challenged Steelers team, and now the Bears. The Dolphins offense just flat out sucked that one game. It makes sense the Jets defense held the NFL's leading offense to just 14 points in Week 2; they were still fresh.
  10. Trust me, this isn't nearly as bad as when Greg Paulus was QB'ing Syracuse.
  11. I'm just as nervous about this guy as everyone else here, but wait until Folk screws up as bad as Boise State's kicker before calling for his head.
  12. You have to admit, that's borderline. I would've ruled it a TD, but Johnson was careless when he let go of the ball so casually like that. This just shows players should hold on to the ball (even if it is to the car ride home ) because when they let go of it like that, they put the call in the ref's hands.
  13. I think Favre is just afraid of going on the road against the Jets on primetime. It was one thing visiting the Packers, because he did a lot of good for them. But just imagine how he'd be treated in Week 5.
  14. Everyone needs to lay off of Revis. Try being one of the most elite defensive players in the whole league, and getting paid like you're still a rookie. I don't want controversy with this team any more than the next guy, but you guys sound like you would even turn on Superman if all he did was ask for a bigger contract.
  15. I hate to say it, but I can see the Dolphins as a surprising division winner next year. Though the Jets will wreak havoc as the Wild Card again
  16. I still don't like our kicker. Don't you remember the Saints/Cowboys game on that Thursday night? Every time Folk lines up for a 30-yard field goal, I'm going to hold my breath.
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