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  1. It's not so much who we didn't draft, but I hate the fact that this team only had 4 picks. That's tied with the Redskins for least among all teams.
  2. The Patriots now have more 7th round picks than the Jets do in the entire draft.
  3. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=5125018 Fans Brees
  4. How do you hate a team that hasn't been to a Super Bowl in over 40 years?
  5. This is going to be fun. I can't believe Philly is still available, but I'll take the Eagles!
  6. Edwards already drops enough passes. If Owens was actually a Jet, Sanchez would have a completion percentage of 10%.
  7. At least if this future HOF signs with the Jets, he won't cost this team the playoffs after, I dunno, an 8-3 start.
  8. I'm not passing up an opportunity like this, but if that half-hearted effort to tackle Shonn Greene wasn't related to his displeasure of being in San Diego, I'd be concerned about this guy.
  9. Holy crap; I just realized that score almost ended up as the exact result as the AFC Title game.
  10. He's been performing a lot better after the injury than before it; the Falcons game was the lone exception. Plus, he's got the whole offseason to let it heal...there's nothing to worry about.
  11. I wonder if it had anything to do with Troy Polamalu's injury.
  12. This team needs more draft picks. They should make a deal with someone...
  13. I'm loving the red zone defense, but the fact that Manning is driving down the field like this is concerning. Someone needs to step up for Strickland.
  14. Even if he makes this, at least the Jets will get better field position in the kickoff.
  15. Unfortunately, the Jets won't be as much underdogs in the Super Bowl. They'll have beaten three division champions in a row on the road.
  16. Francesa is secretly rooting for the Jets. If they win, that's 2 more weeks of high ratings on his show.
  17. If the Jets lose, I don't think any of us will feel too good to bother watching the NFC Championship. And if they win, it doesn't matter. 2 weeks of great storylines for Jets/Saints or Jets/Vikings.
  18. The Jets are very capable of winning this game. While I'm cheering for this team, I'm also happy that I still get to watch them this far into the season!
  19. Governor can't even give a good speech about the team. Other than that, rally looked awesome.
  20. '09 Colts, but I believe these Jets are also better than Testaverde's Jets. Also playing in a dome probably means Matt Stover will hit his field goals...so the Jets will need to make some of their own luck.
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