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  1. Let's not even look at the draft until after our last game against KC. Just go into Gillette and play ALL 60 MINUTES of good, smart football (also hope the Pats make mistakes), and just maybe we can come out victorious.
  2. Yes, we all know the Patriots are loaded with talent. But the stat I'm looking at is the weather report for Sunday afternoon in Foxborough.
  3. That's nice to hear. Would be even nicer if we had an offense capable of consistent scoring in the red zone. I'm sorry, but that offense's performance in the Cleveland game really burns me. 1st and goal on CLE 1, and get nothing. And that was the worst defense in the NFL we went up against. We'll see which offense shows up on Sunday though: the offense we saw versus Cleveland, or the one we saw in the upset over the best defense, Pittsburgh (ironic, isn't it?). The defense is playing well, but it can only stay out there for so long. They'll just keep getting tired if Schottenheimer's offense keeps going 3 and out. If that happens, it will be just like everyone predicted: Pats run up the score, and win by over thirty.
  4. Hey, the Patriots are 9-0 in the snow in Gillette. If anything, the Jets winning in the snow would make it that much more upsetting to the Pats and their fans.
  5. Kind of hard having faith in a 3-10 team who's botched up almost every loss this year:bag: New England and Dallas (SB 42 matchup) were our only bad losses.
  6. There's one guy that REALLY concerns me, and he might be the reason why we won't win this one: Moss. We need to force Brady out of the pocket and rought him up (like last year's win) in order for him to be ineffective. Then and only then do we stand a chance.
  7. The irony is, if the Jets hadn't gone for it on the 4th and 1, and kicked a field goal, they might have actually won the game.
  8. Maybe Mangini should show Rhodes--might as well the whole team--another boxing match for inspiration:box:
  9. You serious? Our season boils down to this--the New England game IN Gillette is the only game left that's meaningful. If we win this, it won't matter what we do the rest of the season. Yes, we're still a pathetic team, but just think: how pathetic would that make the Patriots? Nobody thinks we even stand a chance. And if our offense plays like it did vs Cleveland, then we won't. But if they play smart and if the defense gangs up on Brady like last year's win, there's still a chance...
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