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  1. Manning is almost invincible in the 2-minute offense, so I wouldn't say the defense had a meltdown.
  2. This is the 50th anniversary of the AFL. There were throwbacks all season long, including those ridiculous Denver unis. It is destiny that the Jets win the Super Bowl.
  3. It has to be something cool... Pittsburgh had the Steel Curtain Minnesota had the Purple People Eaters Notre Dame had the Four Horsemen The New York Jets have the Green Barons
  4. I'll bet an irritated Charger fan grabbed the security's attention just to get him out of there.
  5. [quote name='Blackout
  6. Vikings are looking like their dominant selves, but the Cowboys are keeping themselves from making what should be a close game.
  7. So Baltimore is going to draft a quarterback all of a sudden?
  8. I know who the Colts are pulling for...and it has nothing to do with the Jets being a "weaker" team than the Chargers.
  9. Last year's team gets Honorable Mention for best team to miss the playoffs. 1998 was by far the best team I've lived to see...unless the Jets beat the Charers and Colts.
  10. You kiddin' me? Ryan stapled everyone's eyelids open during the Saints game.
  11. In order of schedule: Cardinals Colts Cowboys Jets
  12. Besides winning in the opening round, what do the Ravens, Jets, Cardinals, and Cowboys have in common? They were all swept by a divsion rival. The Jets--as we all know--were humiliated by Miami twice. The Ravens--like the rest of the AFC North--were swept by Cincinnati. The Cowboys lost both games to the Giants, and Arizona dropped both matchups with the 49ers. Of the teams that swept, only the Bengals made the postseason, but were quickly dispatched. All 4 Wild Card Weekend winners are catching fire at just the right moment, while 3 of the 4 teams they've faced have all struggled lately, regardless of how hard they were trying to win. Unfortunately for us, the Jets are paired up with the only team that actually gave a damn about the end of the regular season. While it's not likely all will remain after this weekend, there should be at least 1 or 2 still alive. My point is, a team shouldn't fret about an early or mid-season slump. It's the late-season slides that kills teams' Super Bowl chances. Here's what the final 8 have done in their last 3 regular season games: Chargers: 11 game winning streak Cowboys: 3-0 Cardinals: 2-1 Jets: 2-1 Ravens: 2-1 Colts: 1-2 Vikings: 1-2 Saints: 0-3 I'm willing to bet the Vikings and Saints will pay for their lack of effort heading into the playoffs. I'll take the Colts over the Ravens only because they were the only team to show consistency throughout an entire season while they had their starters in the game. Oh, and I'll take the Jets in an upset
  13. Here's another example: Once upon a time, there was a New York Jets quarterback with as much bravado and confidence as Rex Ryan. He loved to talk and make the headlines. When going up against a "superior team" in the biggest game of his life, he didn't predict a win. He guaranteed that the Jets would win. Everyone thought of it as a joke.
  14. We need to save this thread for when the Jets win the Super Bowl But yeah, this one would be for every fan of the New York Jets.
  15. I guess this means the first quarter will decide how the game plays out. If San Diego gets a two-possession lead at the end of the quarter, they'll just bully New York around for the rest of the game. If the Jets can keep it a one-possession game or tied, they can surprise a lot of people by the end of the game. Except us, of course.
  16. I can barely remember the last time the Chargers made the Super Bowl...it came after an exciting win against Pittsburgh, of all teams. This season is San Diego's chance to erase years of their own bad memories. If they beat the Jets, I'm pulling for them all the way. But in the meantime, go Jets!
  17. I hope Steve doesn't have to punt at all, if you get my drift. Best wishes to him going into surgery.
  18. It's one thing for Woodson to win the award, but to win it by that much is absolutely disgraceful. Those people are obviously hypnotized by Charles Woodson's name. Whatever, forget it. Super Bowl MVP Revis will hoist the Lombardi Trophy anyways
  19. About the phantom facemask, I think it was a good non-call. If the guy actually grabbed and pulled, then it would have been a real infraction. But I don't think there's anything wrong with accidently touching the facemask when you're in the middle of a game-winning sack.
  20. Kicking. By far. There are bad calls all the time, but there have been way too many missed field goals from less than 45 yards.
  21. Remember how we all looked past Atlanta and wondered if the Colts would bench Manning? Not that it mattered in the end, but the point is the Jets are on the road against San Diego next Sunday, and nobody else.
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