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  1. I don't think there's any other explanation. Nobody wants to face this team.
  2. We're not acting like were the underdogs, in fact... http://espn.go.com/nfl/picks That's just a small sample, but right now it really is about 50-50. This might just be the most entertaining game of the whole weekend. You see, we're acting like how a team's fanbase should act while in the playoffs. Excited. Where's your excitement?
  3. Let Sanchez fling it. Schottenheimer needs to show that he's not afraid to open up the passing game. This is an era where elite quarterbacks rule, and Sanchez needs to at least show some capabilties.
  4. The way he's hyping this team up, I'll be ****** if the Jets lose in the first round.
  5. AFC Wild Card 6. Baltimore def. 3. New England 5. NY Jets def. 4. Cincinnati NFC Wild Card 3. Dallas def. 6. Philadelphia 5. Green Bay def. 4. Arizona AFC Divisional 5. NY Jets def. 2. San Diego 1. Indianapolis def. 6. Baltimore NFC Divisional 3. Dallas def. 2. Minnesota 1. New Orleans def. 5. Green Bay 5. NY Jets def. 2. Indianapolis 3. Dallas def. 1. New Orleans 5. NY Jets def. 3. Dallas No shame in that
  6. That's right. The people may not like it, but is there anyone really more deserving? Pittsburgh lost to Kansas City, Oakland and Cleveland, who have a combined .292 winning percentage. Denver lost 8 of their last 10 after starting the year 6-0. Miami and Jacksonville--both a combined 3-0 against the Jets--each lost their last three games. Tennessee had a valiant second half, but 0-6 is not the way to start a season. Houston is probably more deserving than any of the aforementioned teams, but alas, they lost to the Jets to start the season.
  7. Sanchez should only throw the ball when he has to. The more times he puts it in the air, the more likely he'll throw a pick sooner or later. Ground and pound all the way. If the running game stalls, then we can pray that Sanchez doesn't make mistakes. And hope Edwards doesn't have a case of the dropsies.
  8. lolololololololololololololol Maybe you really did, but nobody likes the "I told you so" people.
  9. Terrell Owens is now high risk/medium reward. Do the math.
  10. There's definitely something wrong with him if he thinks the Raiders could be "right there," aka the playoff picture.
  11. Ironically, asking Jets fans what their favorite win of their lifetime isn't any different than asking Patriots and Steelers fans what their favorite wins were: we'd all have a hard time choosing. 2004 playoffs Jets over Chargers btw
  12. 85 can play all night if he wants. Is Revis really going to give up 120 yards and a pair of touchdowns all of a sudden? I don't think so. I'm more concerned about Cedric Benson, for however long he's in the game.
  13. The only way this team is undeserving of the playoffs is if they lose to a bunch of Cincinnati backups.
  14. In 2004, Doug Brien was just a couple of feet away from being #1.
  15. No OchoCinco Hope he doesn't get mad and take it out on the Jets this Sunday
  16. You know why nobody cares about the Pro Bowl? Because all of its weekend gimmicks suck. NBA: Slam Dunk contest MLB: Home Run Derby I'm not sure what the NHL has, nor do I really care. Point is, Goodell needs a way to make Pro Bowl weekend worth watching.
  17. It'd be pretty sad if that defense didn't make the playoffs. Jets got real lucky.
  18. Dolphins and Jags are a combined 3-0 against the Jets, can't argue with 'em there. So it is pretty messed up that despite this, the Jets control their own destiny and the others don't--but only because neither Miami or Jacksonville could win just one game the last two weeks. The Jets lost to Atlanta in a game they should have won. This team has been pretty bad when the game matters most, right? That's why they're ranked 22nd. And yet, thanks to a convenient schedule that pits the Jets against the Colts and Bengals in a pair of games that apparently mean nothing to their opponents, New York can very well make the playoffs. Worst team out of the 12? Probably, but I'm not complaining.
  19. Unless the Bengals play ALL 60 MINUTES (including possible overtime) like it's already Wild Card Weekend, the Jets will easily win Sunday night. I may be a pessimist, but even I know better that the Jets should win this game--again, provided Cincy finishes up their season with back-ups. I will "dedicate" a thread to all the doubters here if the Jets win by two possessions.
  20. Actually, he has a point. Tom Brady was also taken out of the 6th round, and watched behind Drew Bledsoe for some time. It doesn't make sense; why didn't Curtis Painter play that well?!
  21. If the Colts win it all, I'll be sold on them as the team of the decade. Pittsburgh needs a miracle just to get in. But it'll probably be New England if the Colts don't win Super Bowl XLIV.
  22. The Jets started their own playoffs since losing to Atlanta. How is this game any different than the playoffs for this team? Win, and move on. Lose, they're eliminated, and they're out of the postseason.
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