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  1. Some people just don't know how to be thankful. The Jets could have easily faced Manning a full 60 minutes. As for the decision to bench the starters...it was terrible from a non-Jets standpoint. Anyone can get injured at any point of the season. If it happened in a seemingly meaningless game, tough luck. It's football.
  2. They'll kick for 3 and give Pitt too much time And do the Texans want to win or not?
  3. Do they have anything left to play for?
  4. Assuming the Bengals can actually beat KC. Seriously, tied with the Chiefs at 3? They played the Chargers pretty tough last week.
  5. They actually could have been a lot better.
  6. The Jets have already broken our hearts by losing to Atlanta. They have a much better chance of beating Cincy than Indy.
  7. 80, that giant 6 in your sig doesn't look right when you do the chant
  8. An interception, and all Pitt can come up with is 3?
  9. Be prepared to see Manning for at least the whole first half. If he keeps playing after that, Jets are screwed.
  10. The Chargers are the best team in the NFL right now.
  11. I'm not saying he's a bust. He has the potential to be a good quarterback in the league. But you can't deny that it's frustrating to have him hold back the #1 defense and #1 rushing game in the NFL out of the playoffs.
  12. Under. You know what, I might as well just say 0 picks. Once he throws his first, it's a snowball effect from there.
  13. Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan aren't anomalies. They're just good. Meanwhile, Mark Sanchez is throwing an interception every 16 passes. Now take a look at the other QBs who are doing just as bad: Josh Freeman: INT every 16 passes Jake Delhomme: 18 Jay Cutler: 19 Matthew Stafford: 19 Tampa Bay, Carolina, Chicago, and Detroit. Not one of those teams has nearly enough talent surrounding their respective quarterback. Mark Sanchez has the #1 running game in the NFL. Mark Sanchez has the #1 defense in the NFL. This is why we're *issed off.
  14. If by "we" he meant "the offense," then yeah. This defense is worthy of competing in the playoffs. If they didn't get tired all the time from so many 3 and outs by the offense, or have the pressure put on them because the offense couldn't put points on the board, they wouldn't give up game-winning drives.
  15. All the more reason New England has a reason to play at the top of their game and beat Jacksonville. Go Flying Elvis!
  16. I don't believe Thomas Jones has ever been in the playoffs with the New York Jets. Curtis Martin was there a few times, though.
  17. It's as simple as this: root for the Jets, Patriots, Eagles, and Steelers to win this week. Asking for the Dolphins to lose at home is pushing it. Houston sucks.
  18. In their rookie year, Joe Flacco reached the AFC Championship game, and Matt Ryan also made the playoffs. This year, it's possible that both will miss the playoffs. I shudder to think what Sanchez will do in the typical sophomore slump season.
  19. If I ever have kids, they'll still be die-hard Jet fans. I'll just be prepared to have them cheer for the Yankees, Lakers, Red Wings, and Longhorns. That should more than make up for their suffering.
  20. Tennessee is the 3rd best team in the conference right now. They deserve a Wild Card more than anyone else.
  21. If all this "tiebreaking" is really accurate, can someone please explain why the Jets aren't even included in ESPN's front page poll of remaining 7-7 teams most likely to make the playoffs?
  22. LMAO!!!!! Missed chip shot Cowboys can't lose this.
  23. While this was more a victory for the Jets than the Colts, all this talk about whether they'l face the Colts starters or back-ups will be moot if the Jets lose to Atlanta. As for those rooting for Jacksonville to win, there is no gurantee that they'll lose to New England. Now you might as well root for them to beat the Patriots. Things are falling into place nicely for the Jets...for now.
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