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  1. This is a classic. These two better meet in the AFC Championship.
  2. The Patriots look awfully damn good right now.
  3. I don't see where your arguments for Rhodes being benched are validated. He hasn't cost us any games, unlike Sanchez or the entire special teams unit. Rhodes had one bad outing so far, and that was in Miami. Even Revis looked human in that game. I think all this heat is coming off of frustration from a 4-4 start. If the Jets won a few of those games that they should have, they'd be 6-2, and nobody here would be complaining one bit about anyone's performance.
  4. The defense had their worst game on Monday night, where everything else was clicking. It's kind of like the offense, except they're not as highly ranked: they played well in pretty much every game, except New Orleans and Buffalo. And by offense, I don't mean just Sanchez.
  5. I think changing his last name was stupid. But this is hilarious. Ocho could have at least snuck up with his back to the ref, while turning his head and shaking the bill at waist level. Of course, if the pro-discipline Goodell comes out and says, "that was all in good fun," the rest of the league would call for his head. It's best if he stays quiet on the matter, and doesn't do anything or fine anyone.
  6. You're basically calling Mark Sanchez a bust, considering he also threw 5 picks against a ****** team. You know who looks like the best rookie QB so far this year? It's only been one game, and it's already Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman. 17th overall pick out of Kansas State, and the third QB taken behind Stafford and Sanchez. The Packers are a decent team, and Freeman burned them for 205 yards and 3 TDs. 1 pick isn't too shabby, either. Having a rookie quarterback will either suck all the time, or be the face of your franchise.
  7. Here's a positive: the Dolphins sweep us, and the Jets are still the better team in the standings. Too bad they can't play us all the time.
  8. Any smart Mets fan will root for the Yankees over the Phillies. They may be the crosstown rivals, but it's still New York baseball. Who doesn't want Rollins to shut up?
  9. If the Jets lose, they'll go 4-4 with an unacceptable 1-3 divisional record. Worse than that, they'll have lost 3 in a row to Miami. In all likelihood, it will mean 2 whole years without beating that team, and we'll never hear the end of it from Dolphans. This bothers me.
  10. A lot sooner than when Nick Swisher got a hit. If Lee is all the Phils have, this is still going 7 games. But if they get similar performances, I could easily see them sweeping the Yanks.
  11. Kick returns is all he should be allowed to do. Anything else makes him prone to committing dumb penalties.
  12. Darren Sharper just burned Miami like he did the Jets.
  13. The freaking Bills season still isn't over thanks to the Jets.
  14. If the Dolphins do beat the Jets, you can rub it in our faces all you want. But in the meantime, you shouldn't go about saying how we aren't as good as our record is, because it is. By the way, the Fins didn't slow down Manning at all. He only needed 15 minutes to chew up that defense.
  15. Damn, these injuries are making me nervous. And if Porter plays (and he probably will), Sanchez will be at risk of handing the other team another 6 points. Dolphins already have primetime experience this season, and against a better team. I don't expect this to be a blowout, regardless of who wins.
  16. No way the Jets are one of the five best teams in the NFL. Here's my less biased opinion: 1/2. Colts/Giants: Neither has faced a decent opponent yet, but they're still unbeaten. 3. Saints: Good defensive performance. Took the spotlight away from Drew Brees. 4. Vikings: It doesn't matter which team you root for. You can't hate Brett Favre. 5. Patriots: If they had beaten the Jets, they're #1 in everyone's power rankings. 6. Ravens: Nothing bad to say about Baltimore. They just got beat by a good team. 7. Broncos: If the Broncos can beat New England, they are legit. 8. 49ers: This team can surprise the whole conference. 9. Jets: Their defense can take them far. Their offense could cost them the playoffs. 10. Falcons: Atlanta is 2-1 with a loss to the 3-1 Patriots. Worthy of being Top 10. The NFC is looking good this year.
  17. He probably thinks Sanchez will throw a pair of INTs, both returned for touchdowns.
  18. If the Jets do lose, it shouldn't be too bad. Nothing with losing on the road to an unbeaten team. Just as long as they don't blow a double digit lead in the the second half.
  19. Usually your father raises you to root for certain teams
  20. Defense needs to be as dominant as ever. The Jets are not going to outslug this team. Not after going 3 and out five straight times against the Titans. This game is winnable if the Saints are held to 17 points. No way the Jets get 14 points off New Orleans special teams turnovers.
  21. Bottom 32: 32. Browns 31. Rams 30. Redskins 29. Bucs 28. Chiefs
  22. I'm feeling good about the passing defense, but then again, that's not the Titans strength. Chris Johnson is who I'm worried about. The Texans couldn't do anything about him, and in order to win, they had to outslug Tennessee. The Jets don't have that kind of offense. As for the rushing defense, this will be the biggest test of the year for them. If Johnson becomes unleashed, this is a definite loss. But it's not a letdown.
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