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  1. Let's just call it the Wall of Denial.
  2. Giants are taking their plays from the Broncos playbook!
  3. No shame losing in Atlanta. But a home game vs Indy in primetime? That spells trap game all over for Peyton Manning. Monday night is Miami's chance.
  4. Jets special teams definitely got away with one. The offense needs to drive the ball, and give the defense some rest.
  5. Awesome. I saw a couple instances there where he should have just thrown away, but he'll learn that eventually.
  6. Have to agree that the Broncos were the worst team to win, and the Titans were the best team to lose this week. And I'd like to change ESPN's: 15. Bears 16. Jets 17. Cardinals 18. 49ers to this: 15. Jets 16. 49ers 17. Cardinals 18. Bears
  7. New England did what they had to do in the clutch, which Buffalo clearly never does. But had that guy just taken a knee instead, the Patriots would be a very angry team going into the Meadowlands. I'm glad they won.
  8. Next week...Jets and Pats battle for first place Yes, I count on New England beating Buffalo.
  9. You shouldn't be punished with a loss when you hold the offense out of the red zone on the first drive, only to see them kick their way to a win. Crossing the goal line is the whole point in football: the field goal is a consolation for making it far enough down the field to account for something. Don't get me wrong, Titans had ample opportunities to win, and blew it. But overtime still needs to change. In a perfect world, the first team to score 7 points in an overtime would win.
  10. Everyone really needs to let it go. Belichick and the Pats were each fined their half a million, and then they lost their first rounder the following draft. As if it weren't punishment enough, Boston was also robbed a perfect season by a New York team that same season they were caught. And being a Jets fan, watching the Patriots lose that game was more satisfying than any fine Goodell could have given them. Even if it was to the Giants.
  11. Favre must've forgotten that these aren't the 90s anymore. Taking out the legs is a big no-no.
  12. Lies. This guy's so good, he can make the worst passing defense look respectable. Not to mention he's immune to the Madden Curse.
  13. zfMj7qNt6X8 I don't care if it's because he wants to be traded or not; the guy's got no love for the game.
  14. Forget the whole standings, here's just a brief rundown of my predictions of the playoffs. AFC: 1. Patriots 2. Steelers 3. Colts 4. Chargers 5. Ravens 6. Jaguars NFC: 1. Giants 2. Vikings 3. Cardinals 4. Falcons 5. Panthers 6. Eagles Super Bowl XLIV: Patriots def. Eagles I was very much inclined to pick the Ravens to win it all, because they just look scary good. But I don't think Flacco would be able to outperform Brady in an AFC Championship game. As for the Eagles; face it: they've had a lot of deep playoff runs the last decade. They're going back--only to be denied yet again.
  15. Imagine a complete strange bashing your friend while they're having a hard time fighting through the adversity.
  16. They shouldn't have to go for it on 4th. In the regular season, it's a FG and a failed Red Zone attempt. Ugh...
  17. LMAO, Harris tried to lateral it forward. Trying too much.
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