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  1. The obvious answer is swimming. You are addicted to physical activity so sitting on your butt won't satisfy you. As you are aware swimming has a realitively low injury rate and is perfect for rehabbing your injuries (unless you are in a cast).
  2. I wonder what Bart Scott must be thinking. Jets bring in a cheap shot artist who ended his own career on play in which he was leading with his helmet to give the pregame speech after Scott threatens to end an opposing players career.
  3. Sure. Woodhead 14 games. 926 total yards; 6 TDs; 1 fumble Greene 15 games 886 total yards; 2 TDs; 3 fumbles
  4. Belichick almost always defers. So with both coaches almost certain to defer there is a 50-50 chance the Jets will start with the ball.
  5. Good RBs can both get rushing yards & receiving yards. Woodhead has had three games with over 100 yards of offensive production, McKnight one.
  6. I have never rooted for an injury before today. But I will laugh my a$$ off if when Bart goes to hit Welker, Bart Scott sustains a career ending injury to himself.
  7. That is the wonderful thing about about being subtle instead of being like a bull in a china shop. What did he say? Really what did he say? That the NEP had to put their best foot forward. What is wrong with that? How is that trash talking? Or that Revis is fast on his feet. Is that trash talking?
  8. I thought it was funny. Thanks for posting.
  9. Losses can be big. But I am not going to rank the 2006 AFCCG as a bigger moment in Patriots history than winning the 2001 SB. 2006 AFCCG makes the top 10 most significant games but not number 1 overall. And that is what you did. You put a playoff loss ahead of a Superbowl win. And not only the most significant game in Jets history, but arguable the most historically significant football games in history of the league. The loss to Oakland can not top SBIII.
  10. Seriously weak....If you are gonna troll do it right! Here is the complete history of playing like a Jets..... 1969 The start: 7-2 The finish: 3-3 (including playoffs) 1972 The start: 5-2 The finish: 2-5 1982 The start: 5-1 The finish: 3-3 (including playoffs) 1985 The start: 5-1 The finish: 6-5 (including playoffs) 1986 The start: 10-1 The finish: 0-5 2000 The start: 6-1 The finish: 3-6 2004 The start: 5-0 The finish: 5-6 2008 The start: 8-3 The finish: 1-4
  11. You think losing the Oakland Raiders was the highlight of the franchise?
  12. IIRC the Dolphins were pretty ecstatic with their overtime win in 2007 too. Ya gotta be pretty relieved to know that even though the season still sucks it won't be in the history books. Patriots had a 1-15 season but never had to go thru the pain of the media and fans discussing a possible winless season as the one win game early in the season.
  13. Actually he is saying it is the 2nd biggest game win or lose. And he is wrong. If the Jets lose it is just another one of Jets playoff loses. If the Jets win and then lose to Raven/Steelers it is mere footnote in the Jets history. If the Jets win this one and then go on the win the SB, than the SB becomes number 2 after SBIII. If the Jets win the AFCCG and lose the SB than the AFCCG becomes #2. But then again he he has called week 2 games superbowls so him being full of sh*t is nothing new.
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