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  1. If you think replacing Folk + JT for Feeley is bad...you don't even want to look at Woodhead vs McKnight.
  2. You lose 9-0 you blame the offense. You lose 59-50 you blame the defense. (unless a good chuck of the scoring was on defense on both sides) Not exactly rocket science, if you hold the other team to three field goals and still lose. It ain't the defense fault for the lose. But the offense that couldn't muster a TD and FG.
  3. Again? When was the first time the Jets swept the division? I know the Pats went 6-0 in the division in '07. The Fins did it in '72. When did the Jets do it?
  4. CBS 2 is out of NYC. It is going to have the Jets any time the Jets are playing. It might have NEP, if the Jets are not playing and the Pats game is the most interesting game at the time. Which is going to be quite often as the Jets and NE are battling for 1st in the AFCE. CBS 3 is out of Springfield, Mass. It is going to have the Pats game any time the Pats are playing. It might have the Jets, if the Pats are not playing and the Jets game is the most interesting game at the time. Which is going to be quite often as the Jets and NE are battling for 1st in the AFCE.
  5. Check your local listing. A couple a weeks ago the map showed Albany, NY with the Pats game, but the game shown was actually Jets. Also you might have more than one CBS affiliate. If you have one originating from Hartford and another from NYC, you likely have both games. If not, do what I do when the games aren't on locally...head to a bar with the game.
  6. As I said... I don't see a problem if all he is doing is getting down on himself for making bad plays, in fact it is a good thing. However, if he is doing what Edwards is suggesting and blaming recievers for not catching his inaccuate passes than Mark has a problem.
  7. What is Mark in kindegarten? First green light, red light. Now he gets a fine for sulking or pouting. Okay, seriously, if all he is doing is getting down on himself when he makes a bad play, IMHO that is no big deal. If he is pointing at or blaming WR for incomplete passes, and based on the Edwards qoute it sounds like it...than that is something the team needs to address.
  8. As the former head coach of the Jets (and Patriots, and Giants, and Cowboys and VP of the Dolphins) said, you are as good as your record says you are. It is pretty silly to call a team that has won the division 8 times out of 10 years a "fluke". Are they the single most dominant football team in the NFL like they were in 2007? Absolutely not. There is a log jam of good teams at the top of the AFC - Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Titans, Ravens, Jets. Take any two from that list & stick them on a neutral field and the line should be 3 points or less. But the demise of the Patroits has been wildly reported multiple times for the decade now. Yet the team continues to be a strong factor in the league. Lose the league MVP the team still goes 11-5, barely missing the playoffs based on the 5th tie breaker. Trade away a future hall of fame WR, teams still wins the next 4, even beating the team with said wideout. What was the knock a few years ago -- the defense was too old. Now everyone says its too young. The Patriots have some flaws. But this is a year in which all the teams have some. Jets have theirs, so do the Steelers, Ravens and Colts. There really is no super duper dominant teams you would compare to a team like the 85 Bears or 07 Patriots. But anyone who thinks the Patriots are going to magically fall apart under BB's watch and with Brady under center hasn't been pay attention.
  9. Fisher certainly doesn't have the hardware you would expect a "great" 13 year coach to have. Some of the can be attributed to most of those years in the same division as Peyton Manning. But he certainly does have a history of keeping the problem children in line and productive. How often do you hear about problems or disruptions in Tenn? He does a good job of keeping them internal and fixing them. He also can keep his team focused through adversity. Team went 0-6 and he never lost the team and they never gave up and rebounded with 8-2 over the next 10 games. He is an outstanding coach. But the Titans have never had enough talent to take the division from the Colts. Moss plus some Colts injuries may change that this year.
  10. Fisher is one of the most respected coaches in the NFL. Consider this the team started 0-6 and finished 8-8. He never lost the locker room. Randy "I play when I want to" Moss reportedly had the Titans as one of the teams he wanted to play for. If Randy doesn't want to play for a team you get what we have seen from Moss this year or what we saw from him towards the end of his Oakland stint. When does want to play for you, you can see the two most proficient offenses ever. 98 Vikings and 07 Patriots. Vince Young is no Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But THIS YEAR he is having a great year. Highest passer rating in the league. And if Randy does act up. Jeff can cut him say it was a mistake and he is out nothing. He didn't trade for Moss, he got for free. So he can put him back on the waiver wire. Titans is probably the best landing spot for Moss outside of New England possible.
  11. He has new history. I haven't confirmed it. But I do believe he will be the first player to start for three teams in a single season. A bunch of guys have been on three teams practice squads in the same season...but he could be the first to actually be a starter for three teams.
  12. So much for Randy being the first player to start 17 regular season games in the same season.
  13. Randy Moss Was Right To Berate Catering, Says Concerned Amateur Meat Expert http://deadspin.com/5679937/randy-moss-was-right-to-berate-catering-says-concerned-amateur-meat-expert
  14. Mangini's record vs BB 2-5. (includes post season and regular season)
  15. Nah....maybe Slater though. Or Price has a mysterious injury during practice that lands him on IR.
  16. What he respect most about Rex Ryan, is that Rex ends all of his speeches by announcing snack time.
  17. Rex Ryan won't do it. It would upset the chemistry of the part of the team most dear to the heart of Rex..... \/ \/ the cafeteria staff.
  18. Randy speaks out....via Yelp. http://www.yelp.com/biz/tinuccis-restaurant-and-catering-newport
  19. So basically the Vikings cut him for the exact same reason why the Pat traded him, and Oakland traded him, and the Vikings traded him.
  20. Yeah, Moss is douche. We have known this since the FIRST time he was a Viking. But don't tell me this is more douche than texting photos of your junk. The NFL is not full of saints. Ray Lewis is murderer. Vick killed dogs. You don't cut a HOF WR cause he cursed out the lunch lady. Something more serious had to have happened or Childress is an idiot.
  21. Both have @ Browns, @ Lions, @ Pitt, @ Chi, & host Mia. Both play Buff (I don’t see playing the 0-7 Bills in Buff as being much worse than playing them at home.) They play each other in NE (edge to NE for homefield). So that part is pretty much a wash. Difference is two games. NE –Colts & GB (Jets already lost) Jets – Houston & Bengals (NE already beat) Greenbay is a better team than the Bengals. But in the end both teams play each. So still a wash. Colts are a better team than the Texans. But the Texans are still a pretty decent team. Not really all that different of schedules.
  22. I think anyone with a lick of sense can agree on two things.... 1. Overall the CB situation with the Jets is better than the Patriots with both Revis and Cromartie being better CBs than McCourty at this point. 2. In this most recent draft the Patriots drafted the better cornerback and McCourty is better than Wilson.
  23. The truth has emerged.....the real reason why Randy Moss was cut from the Vikings.... HE INSULTED THE CATERER. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ms-mossbehavior110210 Thats right. First he get traded to Minn b/c he insulted Tom Brady's hair cut and then he gets cut from Minn for insulting the lunch menu.
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