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  1. If he gets Childress fired, he will become the patron Saint of Minn.
  2. While team performance is not the most significant factor it is not negligible either. Starters on teams that win the superbowl are generally perceived to be better players than starters on teams that go 4-12. While there are obvious exceptions and even bad teams have some great players, in general being part of a winning team benefits a player in FA.
  3. Absolutely. But fortunatly for the Pats once he shows up his interests and the Pats interest are pretty much the same. He is worth more if on the FA market if the he plays a major part in the Pats winning the SB than if he gets benched for giving less than 100% in a year in which the Pats miss the playoffs and record declines with his return.
  4. Uncapped year. And you have teams such as the Redskins that will spend money just to get a big name regardless if they can still play or not.
  5. That's total BS. Belichick did not have the full control back then he has now. He wanted to draft him with the 4th round pick, but was overrule. (and 5th and 6th) He finally got his way with the second 6th round pick. He did not expect him to still be available in the 6th round.
  6. I am not saying that at all. He held out cause he thought he could get more money that way (ala Revis). But I do think he came back early cause he wants to be productive in the Steelers and Colts games. And doesn't want at the end of the season to be percieved as not being a factor in the NEP season. Plus he needs to showcase his talents, to land the big FA contract he is seeking.
  7. He is coming back two week earlier than he has to and is joining a 6-1 team. I think he will be the good soldier at least if the Pats keep winning. He wants a ring just like every other player in the NFL and the odds for the Pats look better now than most people expected in July. And if becomes a pain in the a$$ he will be cut go thru waivers and be playing guard in buffalo.
  8. Yup, no point in putting in a waiver claim. But if Vikings release him Tuesday, if he clears waivers on Wednesday, Pats can sign him Thursday...he plays on Sunday.
  9. yeah. if for no other reason the ESPN crawl.... "Patriots trade Randy Moss to the Vikings for a 3rd round pick and Randy Moss"
  10. Nah...BB unlikely saw the level of specificity you detail. But he did see that Randy was being more and more of a pain in his own locker room and probably figured he would not be anymore cooperative elsewhere. Certainly he believed he would be able to contain Favre/Moss or he would not have made the trade to a team he faced.
  11. IMHO, Jet fans should not freak out over this lose. Jets lost to a very good team. Odds are the Jets will lose a few more, so will the Patriots. If the Jets lose to the Lions next week that is a reason to freak. In all likelihood the division will be decided in Foxoboro on Dec 6th. It is unlikely the Jets will lose enough other games for NE to be able to lose that game and win the division. Likewise, it is unlikely the NEP will lose enough other games for the Jets to be able to lose that game and still win the division. The loser will in all likihood get the 5 or 6 seed wildcard.
  12. Waiver process only applies for players with 4 or less years. Moss is a FA.
  13. I pretty sure he never had an actual formal contract offer. Conflicting stories as to rebuffed who regarding discussing a contract extension during pre-season camp. Moss was traded b/c he was unhappy with the decoy role. If you listened to last nights press conference it sounds like if BB was willing to take him back, he would gladly accept the role. As a vet his contract his fully quarentteed by the Vikings so the his new team could sign him for the vet min and the Vikings are on the hook for the rest. He can pretty much go where ever he wants as long as the team want him. He wants NE. I don't think he burned the bridge bad enough not to come back.
  14. He has more years of service than that. I forget whether it is 3 or 4 years, but seasoned vets don't go thru waivers. If you listened to his presser after the game, it is pretty clear what team he wants to play for.
  15. I agree the Steelers have been a consistant franchise longer than the Patriots or Colts. I would say that more important than just a good coach, it starts with a good owner. The Steelers have had good ownership for a long time. While BB certain is the best of the coaches in the Kraft era, the team really began its turn around not with BB or Brady, but when Kraft purchased the team.
  16. This decade...patriots Superbowl era...steelers.
  17. This is correct. The Jets aren't going anywhere based on the Patriots falling apart. Nor can the Patriots plan be to win the AFCE based on the collapse of the Jets. Would not surprise me in the least if the Dec 6th game becomes the deciding game on whether the Pats or Jets host the other for the AFCCG.
  18. I blame Woodhead for Welkers decline in stats. Looks like Brady has found a new favorite short white guy to dump the ball off to.
  19. Which is appx what he was avg in the first four games of the season.
  20. Here is the ironic thing. If both the Jets and NE win this weekend than the Jets will control their own destiny for the bye. But I doubt many Jets fans are going to be rooting for NE because of it.
  21. Southwest is the only one to have the same PSL for both.
  22. In the AFCE. Patriots still control their own destiny for the division and a week 1 bye. Jets control their own destiny for the division but would need help (but very very little) for a bye. Miami controls their own destiny for the wildcard. Bills needs some help to make the playoffs.
  23. Favre has been specifically told not to send copies of the MRI to Jenn.
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