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  1. I would think Jets would be more interested in a reality show called QB swap. In that show you get Brady or Peyton for week.
  2. Comparing the Jets and the Pats (pretty evenly matched if you ask me) The Jets have won the AFC East 4 times. The Pat have won the AFC East 5 times in a row. Kellen Clemens has thrown 4 TDs in his career. Tom Brady threw 4 TDs last game. The Jets have won three games this year. The Pats have had three close games this year. In 2006 & 2007 the Jets have won 13 games. In 2007 the Pats have won 13 games. The Jets have scored 239 points this year. The Pats have outscored their opponents by 381 points this year. Kellen Clemens has thrown 2 TDs at the Jets Stadium this year. Tom Brady has thrown 3 TDs at the Jets Stadium this year. The Jets have averaged 296 yards of offense per game. The Pats have averaged 311 yards of passing per game.
  3. I won't be there. My income level (or lack thereof) doesn't let me be able to afford tickets and even if I had the money, I live 3 hours away. I will be watching the largest romp in history when the Pats destroy the Jets 77-0, from my living room.
  4. The weather would not change anything....'72 Dolphins would uncork the champaign. However, the Pats would still get the number one seed (they need one more win or one Colts loss), and the Jets still won't make the playoffs.
  5. Yes, it is sold out. Every game Pats game since before Tuna started coaching the Pats has been sold out. But, given the weather there are numerous tickets on sale thru the various scalping systems.
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