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  1. You have any examples? I don't recall a single game where NE could run out the clock by kneeling three times in which they went for the TD. Up by a lot and extending the lead, yes. But not where the other team could not stop the clock and NE could simply run out the clock. That was hardly "running up the score." New England lost that game.
  2. If the game was "over" when NE went up by 42, why was Sanchez running the no huddle hurry up offense and going for it on fourth down? IF the Jets had sent out Brunell and ran the ball to eat up the clock, and then in response Brady was throwing balls down field to increase the lead, I would agree that is disrespectful. But as long as the Jets are still trying to win the game, the Patriots have an obligation to do the same.
  3. That is not insurmountable. It is one turnover and 3 onside kicks. Extremely unlikely, but not impossible. Once the losing team pulls its starting QB and only calls running plays to run out the clock, the winning team should reciprocate. But as long as the losing team is still trying to score, the winning team should as well.
  4. This! What people seem to miss is that the NEP starting running up the score in response to the loss of the 2006 AFCCG in which the Colts came back from an 18 point deficit. You play for 60 minutes or you lose. If the losing team decides to pull its starters and just run out the clock, then the winning team ought do the same. But if the losing team still has its starting QB throwing the ball and trying to score, the winning team should as well.
  5. Rules at JetNation? No such thing. But many boards do have such a rule. Actually there is a law against doing that... 17 USC 101 et al.
  6. Those stats say more about overall dismal history of the Jets than the purported greatness of Sanchez.
  7. Steelers might have backed into the playoffs, I don't remember. I don't recall if they clinched playoff berth that week, had it already, or got it later. They definitely didn't back into the number 2 seed or the division.
  8. No they didn't. Backing in occurs if the same week you lose, you make the playoffs. That is what the Jets did. The Colts beat the Titans. The Jax game was inconsequential. If if Jax won the Colts would have made the playoffs. If the Colts had lost and Jax lost, than the Colts would have backed in.
  9. I am not saying to not tag Cro or that someone else on the team is worth the tag more. I am just saying that the whether you used a first round pick or go him off of waivers should not be part of the analysis on whether he is worth using the tag on. What value he brings to the team and what your alternatives are if you don't retain him should be the analysis. That may or may not result in him being worth tagging. But tagging him to justify the trade is just stupid.
  10. Kinda of silly analysis. You use the tag on the player who represents the most important retention for the team. Who cares if Cro cost you a 2nd round pick, 1st round pick or was picked up off a waivers. The pick was spent. The only question should be: Does Cro's contribution to the team warrant the tag and is it the best use of the tag?
  11. I tend to think you are right, it wasn't the only condition. Something like "Jets make it to the divisional round plus 50% of the snaps in the regular season" And whatever the plus is has already been met. Sorta like the way the Favre deal was structured. But it is possible it sole reason was to shift the range of the pick. If the trade is for a second round pick straight up, than the range is 33-64. If the trade is for a third round pick straight up, than the range is 65-96. If no other conditions exist this puts the pick in the 57-88 range.
  12. Another week....another embarrassment to the NFL by the Jets. http://abcnews.go.com/US/gma-exclusive-brett-favre-sued-sexual-harassment-jets/story?id=12531048&page=1
  13. EM isn't cut out to be a HC. But plenty of guys are outstanding assistants but can't handle the #1 job. Neither of us really know what Eric and Rob's relationship is. Rob made a lateral move to work under Eric. It is quite possible they have a good enough relationship that Rob would hire him. Time will tell.
  14. The head "Chiefs guy" Scott Pioli was there in 2007. He left at the end of the 2008 season, he burned that bridge as well. He doesn't have much of a connection with Rex, I don't see the Jets hiring him back. His only shot might be if Rob Ryan gets a head coaching gig, Rob hiring him. That of course assumes Rob respects him and thinks the flip flop would work.
  15. In general I take the attitude of "In Bill Belichick I trust" but if he was to hire EM back I would be seriously pissed at BB.
  16. I seriously doubt it. Bringing him back would be about the only thing BB could do to get the fans to turn on him.
  17. The first team since the 1970 merger of the AFL and NFL to sweep their division going 6-0 while simultaneously not winning the division. This is truly an amazing feat.
  18. As a Jet: Rushing yards per game: 5.8 Receiving yards per game: 7.9 As a Pat: Rushing yards per game: 40.6 Receiving yards per game: 29.2 I wonder why ESPN is paying more attention to him now....
  19. Part II - more clips -- he gets recognized. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOAuYyfTxP8
  20. Something like that. While I don't buy the cause and affect. And attribute much more of the Mevi$ holdout to Mevi$ being a greedy POS, than anything Rex said. However, the end result of the Mevi$ holdout could encourage other players/agents to do the same if they feel the player could get more money. As the Jets do seem to be willing to fold in order to get players back on the field.
  21. I agree with the premise that this won't affect the average fan's watching the game. Here is where Rex might be in trouble. If David Barger decides that Rex Ryan is not the type of image he wants associated with his airline, then Woody might decide he would rather have the sponsorship money than the coach.
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