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  1. Four less starts, twice as many turnovers. That is not identical.
  2. Wouldn't say many. But Vick has been outplayed in some of the Eagles wins as well. Reason why NE is in first place in the league is because the NEP has only had 9 turnovers on offense. Six of those occurred in the two losses (3 each). Brady's phenomenally low int % has a lot to do with the it. He has the highest passer rating in the NFL and the 7th highest in NFL history. Folks want to give the award to Vick because he is "reformed." I don't see that as a valid reason, when not one, but 2 QB are having a better season than him. If you really don't think Brady deserves it then Arian Foster or Roddy White ought get it. It should go to someone who is the best at their position not third best.
  3. Wins-Losses: Brady - 12-2 Vick - 8-3 TDs-Turnovers: Brady - 32-7 Vick - 28-14 TDs Per Passing/Rushing Attempt: Brady - 0.067 Vick - 0.067 Turnovers Per Passing/Rushing Attempt: Brady - 0.02 Vick - 0.033 Completion Percentage: Brady - 66.6% Vick - 63.2 Yards Per Rush/Pass: Brady - 7.5 Vick - 8 Why Vick?
  4. Kraft was definitely more meddling during the Parcels years than he is now. Kraft was opposed to the drafting of Brady (BB wanted to draft him in the 4th round) and only eventually relented to keep BB from getting too upset. Kraft now realizes that if he and BB disagree, the odds of Kraft being right and BB being wrong is extremely small. He doesn't meddle anymore.
  5. Okay so lets review what we know about Rex Ryan... Likes: Kissing feet. Dislikes: Kissing rings.
  6. I don't know why you feel bad for them. It is what they wanted. The posted the videos on youtube so others would see them. Others are seeing them. His foot fetish is a surprise. Him being an exhibitionist (someone who likes other to watch or who would post homemade porn flicks on the internet for the world to see) should come as a surprise to no one.
  7. You are confusing December and January. This is the phasing out of Dec. Saturday night games, not the phasing out of January sat playoff games. But the NFL would have a problem if the Jets and Giants were to both host the AFCCG and NFCCG
  8. Already have one. Playing for division, #1 seed, bye, and home field through out.
  9. Nah...still have upcoming... ** SNL skit on it ** Bang Cartoon ** South Park episode at a minimum.
  10. There may already be such a clause as part of the boiler plate contract language. But I can't see why WJ would fire him for this. Is this going to decrease ticket sales? Are less people going to watch the Bears - Jets game because of it?
  11. I could see a team that plays the 4-3 offering him the min salary and letting him compete in camp for roster spot. I am not sure if Vern would be willing to be that humbled, if he has a lick of sense he figured out early on he has had his one pay day, has stuck the money in an annuity and can live comfortably for the rest of his life.
  12. Nice strawman, nobody is suggesting Woody would be upset at Rex having sex with his wife. Its the putting the videos on the web so the entire world can see them that is the problem and embarrassment for the Jets.
  13. He would have been cut a long time ago.
  14. Feel he should be punished and moved on are two different things. I don't think he should be punished, I have made that clear since the very beginning. But I will be disappointed if the Chicago crowd doesn't chant "F-E-E-T Feet, feet, feet" this Sunday. Formally punished? no. Mocked and ridiculed with no mercy for a couple weeks? Absolutely.
  15. I agree with that statement, this is much more than that. I doubt any teenager would be all that comfortable with all their classmates and friends seeing their parents' foot fetish video.
  16. edit: no 2001 - 2002. The Jets have never won a playoff game in back to back years.
  17. Rex keeps stressing this is a personal issue. And in general I subscribe to the idea that ones sex life is a private matter. But Rex Ryan seems to be missing a very important concept here. Youtube is not your private home collection of DVDs. This wasn't leaked out. This isn't an Erin Andrews situation. Nobody invaded your privacy. And don't pretend like that is what the press is doing. You posted the video on Youtube.
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