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  1. I think by now it should be pretty obvious that being sane is NOT a prerequisite to play football in the NFL. However, declaring oneself for the draft is. If he went undrafted years ago, there is nothing stopping him from signing with the Jets. However, if he hasn't gone thru the draft process he would need to declare himself eligible for the draft first. But he doesn't get to choose where he goes unless he goes undrafted.
  2. Of course he wants it to be the Jets. Last time the Ravens played the Pats they lost. Last time the Ravens played the Steelers they lost. Last time the Ravens played the Colts they lost. Last time the Ravens played the Jets they won.
  3. Has he ever declared him self for the NFL draft?
  4. This could be the teams Achilles heel.
  5. Next year the Jets will be staring in the HBO special Hard Socks. I know it is corny pun, but its not like Rex has put his best foot forward on this and he is my teams arch rival.
  6. His foot fetish could explain why he seem to enjoy putting his own foot in his mouth.
  7. There might be more to this...I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  8. Didn't he say Mark had happy feet? What did he mean by that?
  9. Both teams need to step up their game to avoid being stepped on in a defeet. The game will come down to which team has more heart and sole. Jets need to avoid being booted from playoff contention. It could come down to a game of feet and inches.
  10. Jets could be the 5 seed if Jets win both and Ravens win one and lose one.
  11. You know who is most happy about this story? Matt Dodge. He is no longer the biggest sports news story in NYC.
  12. I think Rex is safe for this year. For the same reason Kraft doesn't give a crap about BB's adultery. If Jets lose the next two games and somehow miss the playoffs...then this video puts a shame on the entire organization that can't be tolerated. If the Jets make the playoffs for the second year in a row, then this is a private matter. I can't wait to hear the Bears fans chanting T-O-E-S, TOES, TOES, TOES.
  13. There are few who are holding onto the idea that this was a hoax and not him. This pretty much refutes that idea. As I have said, I don't see this as any bigger of a deal than Brandon Spikes and chatroulette, other than Rex being more high profile. We laugh about it for a week or so and then move on. But the puns should be great every time the Jets get deFEETed in a game.
  14. He was asked about it. He didn't deny it, just called it a personal matter. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/12/22/rex-ryan-calls-foot-video-a-personal-matter/ If it wasn't him he would have said it wasn't him.
  15. PFT had the Jenn Stinger story for almost a month before ESPN made any mention of it. ESPN is almost never on the leading edge of anything.
  16. If they don't there is something seriously wrong with the NY Media. Spikes admitted to his being in the chatroulette videos. Rex should admit to this if true. Then we all laugh at him for a week or two. And then move on.
  17. I see this like the Brandon Spikes chatroulette video. Its tabloid news. Good for a laugh at their expense. But in the end no big deal.
  18. They have the division. They are playing for the bye week.
  19. John Conner seems to be the most productive of the bunch.
  20. The only thing that NFL could do that would be more stupid would be to play a mid-February Superbowl outdoors in the Northeast.
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