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  1. They are also 6-1 on the road. They should petition the league to let them play all their games on the road.
  2. Hey, what do you expect from some one who is old enough that he saw the play on the TV as it happened? My dad is a Giants fan, I am not. Man was he pissed.
  3. Jets don't have an exclusive on the word "Miracle." You lack a fundamental history of the NFL, long before the "Monday Night Miracle" there was the "Miracle at the Meadowlands" November 19, 1978 - Giants vs Eagles. Giants have the ball up 17-12. Eagles have no timeouts. All the Giants have to do is take a knee and they win the game. For some unknown reason the Giants run a play and fumble the ball. Herm Edwards recovers the fumble and scores the play. The only connection between that game and the Jets is Herm goes on to coach the Jets and the Jets go on to move into Giants stadium. It is widely considered the most the worst coaching blunders in NFL history and proably the single greatest choke in sporting history. And with the exception of in the minds of some Jets fans and some younger NFL fans is a more well known and more famous game than the Monday Night Miracle. Given that this game too was the ultimate choke job and between the same two teams, the name "Miracle at the New Meadowlands" is the perfect name for it. You lack a fundamental knowledge of NFL history. That is no reason to get upset at Chris Berman. Better would be to go to the library and read up on the history of the sport.
  4. Things that impressed me in this game. 1. Greenbay play calling...particularly the onside kick to start the game. 2. Flynn - not withstanding his mistakes in the 2 minute drive he did awesome for someone getting their first NFL start. And had a damn good game by any standard. 3. Connolly -- you guys think Brad Smith is versatile. This guy plays right guard, left guard, full back and returned a kickoff 71 yards all in the same game. BTW the Jets offensive play calling was like night and day from the past few games. First time I have seen it a long time and thought wow that was creative and tricky. Particularly that TD Sanchez ran in.
  5. I also think they came out flat tonight as of a result of reading too many press reports about their decimation of Jets and Bears coupled with having little worries about facing a QB in his first start. This close call should help them focus. I agree of the likely AFC play off teams I think Ravens are the toughest match up for the Pats, followed by Steelers than Jets. But with all the playoff teams any given Sunday.
  6. Flynn played a very good game. Very solid QB. Greenbay did very well drafting him in the 7th.
  7. See that's where we differ. I don't think the kid brought the team to the AFCCG. I think the team took the kid to the AFCCG. He was the weak link on the team last year. And is again this year. If you swap Henne for Sanchez. I don't see the Dolphins having a better record or the Jets having a worse record. The Jets have a better team around Sanchez than the Dolphins have around Henne. On OTOH, Bledsoe took the Patriots 5-13 in 2000 and 2001. Brady steps in team goes 14-3, only thing changes is Brady instead of Bledsoe. Can't say Brady didn't have a big part in the teams turnaround and that the team took Brady to the SB. I am not saying that Brady won all those games for the team. But he wasn't the weak link on the team, either. If you could upgrade ONE position on the Jets, what position would that be?
  8. Very generous odds on that one. I can't imagine Vegas is giving that much. It is almost impossible for the Jets to miss he playoffs at this point in the season.
  9. Anyone citing Brady or Elway as an equal to Sanchez or even more so saying Sanchez compares better than them is anointing Sanchez to the HOF. Patriots missed the playoffs. Brady threw twice as many TDs as Ints that year. Brady was playing pretty decent. Sanchez isn't. And BTW I am not saying to cut Sanchez. But I haven't seen anything from him to make me think he is better than Chad Henne.
  10. Unlikely. I am pretty sure next year will have a cap.
  11. I doubt Sanchez gone saves money, Jets take a hit on his signing bonus and other guaranteed money is accelerated for cap purposes.
  12. Nope. But this ain't Sanchez's rookie year. By the end of his first season playing he was considered better than a four time pro-bowler by most, but not all. And by the end of his second year playing NOBODY doubted he was the teams franchise QB for the long term.
  13. Even if the Jets decided that Mark wasn't the answer. Could the Jets afford Vick and Mark without letting most of their other FA go?
  14. Welker, Edelman and Woodhead....the Patriots offense trio of short shifty white guys!
  15. You obviously have not been following Network coverage of football games very closely. The biggest story of this game on TV will be the sidelines during punts. That will get more attention than anything you listed.
  16. It looks good for NE. Pretty much the only way the Jets win the division is with NE going 0-2 vs Bills and Fins and Jets going 3-0. If Jets go 3-0 and NE goes 1-2 its only win being the Packers, Jets win on Division record. If NE loses to the Bills, Packers and beat the Dolphins, then relevant SOV Patriots: Ravens (9-4), Colts (7-6) , Chargers (8-6), Dolphins (7-6) Jets: Browns (5-8), Broncos (3-10), Texans (5-8), Bills (3-10) If NE loses to Dolphins,Packers and beat the Bills then relevant SOV Patriots: Ravens (9-4), Colts (7-6), Chargers (8-6) Jets: Browns (5-8), Broncos (3-10), Texans (5-8)
  17. Last rushing TD was Brad Smith in the Cinci game but he is a QB. By an actual RB, LT in the Broncos game.
  18. Marks Numbers 13 games played. 235/441 53.3% 2,852 yards 18 TD 12 INT passer rating 74.2 Another 2nd year QB with similar #s 15 games 198/368 53.8% 2423 yards 13 TDs 8 INT passer rating 77.1 The other players yards are lower, as is TDs but also a lower int % 2.2 vs marks 2.7. Also has a better TD/Int ratio than Mark. Overall higher passer rating. Worth keeping?
  19. So you think Mark is the next John Elway? Elway could play in the cold.
  20. Hope you have fun time tonight in Pittsburgh....and a miserable game experience tomorrow.
  21. Wow, I hadn't thought about that streak. When you add in Favre and Rodgers.
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