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  1. Want so more that would work..... They let Sanchez fly the plane. He landed at the wrong airport. McKnight used up all the barf bags. Airline ran out of bags of peanuts and Rex wanted a goddamn snack
  2. I think Schotty gets too cute for his own good. And I think that is true of a lot of OC. 3rd and 1. Obvious play power run. Defense lines up for a run play. Offense gets cute and tries to the throw the ball cause the defense is expecting a run play and you have open WRs. This sometimes makes sense, particular if you have a QB like Brees or Brady and your are using your 4th string running back. But otherwise, really, you don't have a RB that can pound for a yard even against a run defense. And with the Jets -- you have better RBs than you're QB. 3rd and 15. Obvious play is a pass down field of 15 yards or more. Defense is leaving the middle of the field open. So you throw a 5 yard slant cause nobody down field is open and everyone 5 yards or less is wide open. You're gonna get the completion but no effing way you are gonna get first down. This never makes sense. Air the thing out. Throw a Hail Mary 30 yards down the field. If your guy catches it you might have a TD. If the other team catches the only thing you did is you saved the punting team the effort cause odds are the other team is taking over roughly where they would have anyway if you punted. Sometimes run the obvious play.
  3. I honestly don't think NE at a raw assessment level is better than the Jets. NEP certainly have made their fair share a bad drafts picks, poor trades and bad FA signings. But I do think there are things that sets NEP apart. First and foremost, a willingness to admit mistakes and move on. BB doesn't care if he drafted you in the first round or picked you up as an UDFA. Whoever is the better player makes the team and plays. Tanny cares too much about looking good on some draft score card. Tanny gets a better grade on the 2007 draft cause Gholston is on the team than if he got cut. If Wasserman beats out Gholston it looks bad. If the Jets kept Woodhead and cut McKnight it would have looked bad. BB doesn't give a crap what grade the media gives his drafting. Lower investment in high risk. BB doesn't trade down cause he wants to accumulate 3rd round picks for next year. He trades down cause he fears picking someone whose slot demands $30 million dollars if the guy has never taken a snap in the NFL. He would rather spend the money on proven FA or re-signings. Then be stuck with a guy like Ghoston when does make a mistake. Cause he knows he will make mistakes. But he knows a mistake with the 40th pick is not going to seriously harm the team like a mistake with the 4th. Granted BB has taken chances on risky guys. Things could have turned out differently with Moss but that would have cost him a 4th round pick. So what. Not nearly the downside if Sanchez doesn't work out after spending a 1st and 2nd pick for him. Bugress didn't work out for NE. So what? Also he takes the quantity over quality approach. Jets sometimes draft only three players in a draft. BB might draft 9. If Jets hit 100% of the time, BB only has to get 1/3 right to match them. And the Jets aren't gonnna hit 100% and he will do better than 1 out of 3. The biggest difference between Tanny and BB isn't BB is smarter at assessing talent, it is his ability to say, "hey I made a mistake, time to move on" than to stick with a mistake hoping to be proven right later on, even when that is doubtful. Jets knew getting rid of Woodhead was a mistake when they cut him. But they cut him anyway. Rex knew McKnight was crap at the end of camp. But he made the team anyway. That isn't an inability to assess talent. That is sheer lunacy.
  4. You might be heaping speculation onto speculation. TP is out for the Jets. That is what is known. A reporter is speculating that TP is unlikely to be ready four days later for a Thursday night game. The reporter is also speculating that the Steelers will probably have the #2 seed locked up going into week 17 and the Pats the #1 seed making the final game meaningless. The reporter further speculates that if the game is meaningless TP probably won't play if the game is meaningless. Drawing the speculative conclusion that TP won't play another regular season game. You are then drawing upon pure speculation that he is out for the rest of the season to speculate further that he wouldn't be out for the season unless it was a tear. You might be right, he might have torn something. But this article doesn't warrant enough to draw that conclusion.
  5. IMHO, the two biggest examples of bonehead personnel moves done solely to protect Tanny's image was keeping McKnight over Woodhead and starting Gholston instead of Westerman when Pace was out. Not saying Westerman is an all-pro linebacker, but he looks better than Gholston and deserves a chance to prove himself on the field more. He has been in game less and made more sacks. (Although what I would really like the Jets to cut him, and for BB to sign him )
  6. At 5.2 yards per carry I would say he is making the most of his opportunities. Lots of players get their opportunity due to someone else getting injured. And BB doesn't hold a spot open for a guy just cause he got drafted high. If a UDFA or late round draft pick is getting it done he will start and early draft pick will go elsewhere.
  7. Nope, I haven't bought his jersey. Although if I was jersey shopping his is one I would consider. Why is he a one year wonder? Cause the Jets couldn't figure out how to use him effectively? Like the Dolphins couldn't with Wes. I know with a brilliant offensive coordinator you got, if you can't be successful on the Jets you can't be successful anywhere.
  8. Doubtful. 11 Games: Rushing 73 attempts 376 yards 4 TDs. Receiving 30 catches 335 yards 1 TD. 3rd most all purpose yards on the Patriots (and more than all but 2 on the Jets) Pretty safe he is going to be back next year. If the Patriots were stupid enough to cut him, he wouldn't make it very far down the waiver wire this time.
  9. But had they won last week then they wouldn't have beaten a team with a winning record since week 2.
  10. The article links to a story from 2004 about Mo Lewis. JoJo's sarcastic way of saying the breaking news aint really breaking. Mo Lewis injured Bledsoe, launching the Brady era....I think you can figure out 220's comment from there.
  11. I would think more Jets fans would like JoJo. JoJo has a lot in common with Rex Ryan....every thought that pop's into their head, the world knows about.
  12. Seems the lies are piling up.... From the article... Earlier Ryan stated he had no idea why players would take direction from Alosi regarding where to stand. Yet he is the coach whose job it is to tell players where to stand. And Westoff had to have known that.
  13. I didn't really like Hard Knocks at the time. But as of recent I find it great watching especially Rex Ryan talking about how "it's about leading the league in F***ing wins"
  14. Not at all. BB never denied anything regarding camaragate. Never lied about anything factual. His one and only defense was that as he read the rules it was legal as long as the tape wasn't used during the same game. We can disagree if that is BS or not, but he didn't lie about taping or ordering the taping. So we can presume that if BB was in a similar situation his response would be a lot closer to "Yes, I order them to stand there, but there is nothing against the rules as long as they don't cross the white line, maybe I should have gotten league clarification first, but I thought it was legal."
  15. I will agree with this....but you forgot one. Rex asking them to form the wall = no problem. Rex lying about whether he asked them to form the wall = massive problem. Alosi tripping Carroll = problem.
  16. My favorite is when Sanchez throws a perfect spiral to a wide open DB right between the numbers that is nowhere near any Jets players. Has anyone considered maybe testing Sanchez for colorblindness?
  17. Sanchez will be the QB of the Jets next year, unless Mike gets fired or quits (which I don't see happening) Tanny is not someone who is quick to give up on a draft pick early. See Gholston or McKnight. And for all of Sanchez's problems he showed more promise in the Dolphins game, than both of them combined in their careers.
  18. I will bust a gut laughing if Sanchez throws an incomplete pass into the Steelers sideline and Polamalu catches it.
  19. Here is a video of it http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/keith-fitzhugh-2/1265456
  20. Kinda of the reverse...I saw the CHFF article and thought of the line "play like a Jet" and then remembered this thread.
  21. Telling the team to "Play like a Jet" was probably a huge mistake on Rex's behalf. Cause the team is doing exactly that. It is almost a foolish as Chan Gailey telling his team "to play every game like its the super bowl" What the Bill's head coach should tell his team, is "play every game like its the AFC Championship Game" What exactly does "Play like a Jet" mean.... a brief summary thanks to CHFF.... 1969 The start: 7-2 The finish: 3-3 (including playoffs) 1972 The start: 5-2 The finish: 2-5 1982 The start: 5-1 The finish: 3-3 (including playoffs) 1985 The start: 5-1 The finish: 6-5 (including playoffs) 1986 The start: 10-1 The finish: 0-5 2000 The start: 6-1 The finish: 3-6 2004 The start: 5-0 The finish: 5-6 2008 The start: 8-3 The finish: 1-4 2010 The start: 9-2 The finish: 0-2 … so far
  22. And if the Raven's did manage to get past the Steelers to win the Division. They would likely be the bye #2 seed as they have a one game lead on the AFCS and AFCW.
  23. Any well run competent franchise would trade away a malcontent like that to some team stupid enough to take him for a draft pick...oh wait...already been done.
  24. 8 rec for 136 yards and 2 TDs. You were right. But it turned out to be okay anyway. Revis is going to have to do better than that cause Mark ain't gonna score a lot of points on the Pitt defense.
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