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  1. CALVIN PACE?????? Are you freakin' kidding me???? One of the richest LB contracts ever??? Mike T, there's a difference between available and good. This is the worst signing since they wasted all that money on Bryan Thomas, how did that turn out? And they play the same position. Oh well, there goes any hope of landing Vernon Gholston. Who needs a superfreak charging off the edge when you could have overpaid, mediocre, walk year stars like B Thomas & Pace? I'm sure Gholston will be a monster once he's in a Patriots uniform... Don't even get me started on Damien Woody. He couldn't even cut it in Detroit, now on the strength of 5 games at RT we're guaranteeing him how much money???? When I first heard they were interested, i thought as a veteran guy who could backup at every poisition along the line, not as a starting RT. Thomas, Woody, Pace, they're all walk year superstars, why is Tannenbaum so blind to this? The Redskins are not the model for building a successful team!
  2. Inside info on #85 through source....

    Johnson's not TO, he's a team guy, he just happens to bring a ton of personality & flair to the table. That's something we haven't had around here in a loooong time.
  3. NE won't take Laurinitis, he's the same size as Vima (230) & therefore too small to play LB in a 3-4.... Love the Jacob Moogstein pic.
  4. latest mock draft by mchay

    They MUST get DMC. We desperately need a difference maker on this team. When was the last time we had someone to strike fear in opposing def coordinators nightmares. the same people who are calling for ANOTHER OL, are the ones who pushed for D'Bustashaw over Cutler. Guess what? You can find trench guys in later rounds, but if you are picking top 5, & have zero weapons, you better grab McFadden.