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  1. Taylor Mays is a great pick! I pray we get him.
  2. I love the draft. It's the only time of the year that I post. I've followed it when it first started to be aired on the radio. I was one of the few who called VG a bust and was pissed when he got picked. Mays will not be a bust. He did not have a great year last year. I hate USC but I loved Pete C. and I loved their LB's. I really wanted to draft any 2 of them last year. I didn't watch every hame last year but I did the 2 years before that. Mays is an animal. He was in on most plays. Go watch U-tube on any of the LB's that were drafted last year and you will see mays there on almost ever
  3. As of right now, I think we'd have to trade up in the second to get him. After the combine, he may go in the first or third??? To early to say.
  4. Draft season! My favorite time of the year! Shipley is the WR that I want hands down! I see a lot of people going for Golden Tate. I really don't think he is going to be nearly as good at all. That's coming from a life time ND fan.
  5. Yes and a CB helps the DL. We haven't gotten as many sacks because the DL is old. We need 2 DE's. Revis contract is almost up and we may not be able to afford him. Look at what all the other top CB's got in the past. He may ask for 80-100 Mil? Don't forget how hard he was to sign his rookie contract. I would hate to see him go. He was the guy that I wanted that year hands down when most here were going for some guy named Ross (the guy in the blue jersey). Anyway, ever hear of coverage sacks? We have too many scrap CB's because there always hurt. We need another good CB so we can get more dept
  6. Hey would you like to join my Forums Site. I need more Members and Mods. JetsTitanForums.com

  7. I don't think that we are going to have much of a choice if it is a uncapped year according to what I have been reading. I'm not sure if we can trade up. Other then that. CB is our 1st priority! DL is our 2nd... The line is old!!! WR 3rd. Depth on OL TE Of course all this could change if Rhodes is gone.
  8. That's all! I had at least 2 others show up once this year in Greensboro!
  9. SWEET! It is not draft season, but for this I'd post! The Who is my favorite band and this would be the first time that I can remember giving a **** about a half time show!
  10. With 1:39 left in the 4th qtr of the AFC championship game and the Jets are up 31 Pts... The world will end!
  11. I thought I read that McGahee was going to get the majority of the carries? Plus I seem to be deeper at WR then RB. I am also considering that Hasslebeck is injured and if I'm not mistaken there Left OT is out for the year.
  12. Trade advice Please I haven't had enough time this year to follow all the teams so I am asking for some imput. 2 QB's 2 WR's 2 Rb's 1 TE 1 WR/RB 1 K 1 Def My Roster: QB Joe Flacco Jay Cutler Tom Brady Kerry Collins WR Steve Smith T.J. Houshmandzadeh Devery Henderson Mario Manningham Kenny Britt DeSean Jackson Hakeem Nicks RB Ronnie Brown Tashard Choice Leon Washington Tim Hightower Jonathan Stewart TE Dustin Keller Kevin Boss Kicker Lawrence Tynes DEF New York NYJ Green Bay
  13. As much as I like him, from what I remember the knock on him coming out of the draft was that he never played a full season without being injured.
  14. What ever you do, don't marry her. I had it put in our vows that football came first, (for real) knowing that her birthday fell around the draft. She said she knew how important it was to me and that it didn't matter. Bull****! SHE LIED!!! for 13 years we've fought when her birthday fell on the draft! Every time she pulls that women testing on me. Don't get me wrong, she's great the rest of the year, but we're talking the draft. Run man, RUN!!!! Before it's TOO LATE!!!!
  15. At least the day is half yours! That's my wife's birthday. I hate making her cry on that day! But hey, it's the draft! I would love for them to move it.
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