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  1. The Jets are a decent team with a great defense. We'll be in every game we play regardless of how bad our offense or Q.B plays. This year is a product of us being able to win the close ones where last year we didn't. The 9-2 doesn't feel like 9-2 thats for sure.
  2. This is what kills me. Even offensive players don't like it. FU Goodell!
  3. Investing money and time into researching concussions. Raising awareness and making sure his players are able to get top of the line treatment by the best "brain doctors" in the world. Out of my entire post you find a way to slight 1 thing I said that made you tingle inside. Stay with the discussion.. come on... you can do it. Now waiting for "he said brain doctors, hehehehehe" responses.
  4. Go watch golf and oh, here's a word you might not be to familiar with 'integrity'! Not gonna waste my time with ya. People with this train of thought are a dime a dozen. Most are in favor of keeping the integrity as is and to the grassroots as much as possible. Change your screen name to "Goodell's pet" Cheers
  5. Exactly. I don't disagree with him either. Paul Tagliabue never had this problem. He always kept the integrity of the game. You know it's crazy when even WR's and TE's are against it. It is the beginning of the end.
  6. BULLSH*t. You know what your getting into when you strap on a helmet. Whats next banning cars?... we all know the outcome of what can happen while being in a car. Gimme a break dude. The game has been fiddled with and tinkered with since it's inception. From the God damn "special" treatment QB's get, the ridiculous P.I calls, they already have rules that you can't launch, or hit with the crown of the helmet. The rules are in place. Now what?, letting up on a tackle because your scared to lose 100k and the guy breaks for a TD and scores and your team doesn't make the playoffs. Take heed, these things will be an issue at sometime. It's not Goodell's job to change the game. It's his job to make it as safe as he can WITHIN THE PARAMETERS of the game. Better helmets, better brain technology, better equipment. These guys are taught since children to out there and let it all hang out. Not go out there and p*ssyfoot around field and play at 80%. f*ck Goodell and anyone that agrees with him. No offense.
  7. You take him out and start Brunell! Look Mark is going to throw a pick. He should have had a couple thrown already. Every QB is going to have a bad game. I honestly think Mark is pressing not to throw a pick. He needs to get that off his mind and start slinging it without fear. A lot of his passes were off the Mark against the Vikes. He's gotten tighten it up some.
  8. Is it too late to say that I hope Henne blows his knee? It's not a Dolphins are good thing. It's more of a GB sucks and is overrated thing. Just for clarification.
  9. To be honest.. I think the Phins are going to beat GB. Although it pains me to say that.
  10. Sigh... So if we are mid level then who is elite? Please bud! I think we've gotten through our roughest part. Green Bay lost Jermmicheal Finley for the year and their OL is not stable at all. Without Finley and a very beat up OL they are very weary football team. Both squeaker wins over the Bills and Lions. NOT GOOD. Green Bay is talented but this year their not clicking I don't give a sh*t. The Jets have won in a variety of different ways. With both offense leading the way and defense. They have won games through the air and on the ground. We have won games with our defense. Pitt, Jets and Baltimore are the best teams in the entire league right now. They have been the most consistent. The Jets have played 3 out 4 games against top tier teams. Were 4-1 and very well could be undefeated. Jets fans needs to wake up and stop being afraid to admit their team is very good, elite and a top of the pack. They need not to be afraid of falling. Saying were "mid-level" is p*ssy-a*s statement This team is beasting with a sophomore Q.B. Were stacked all throughout this team on both sides. It's time MAN UP! Say it with me. This is for gato and anyone else afraid! CHEERS!
  11. Yea I said that after watching the replay. That was 6. However backed up in our end trying to get a 1st down there is no time for hesitation to look for holes. Just take snap and dive for the first.
  12. So you wanted him to go down instead of going up by 2 scores? Being a fan since 65 has been you a damn nut!
  13. Bottom line, Revis when it's all said and done might be the best player the Jets may have ever had. If you want to hate on the guy because of contractual stuff then sure be my guest. However, those of you calling him a slouch and a bum and all this other nonsense seriously should consider having a catscan performed and seek medical attention ASAP. It's disgusting! Only a Jets fan. The guy has dominated ever since he's been here yet some people can find room to bash his game?.. Moss beat him once in what 4 to 6 meetings? Honestly pull your bottom lip over your head and GULP!
  14. Throw the Miami Dolphins in there and were set!
  15. Ummmmm this is awesome. DANCE PUPPETS... DAAAAANCE!!!
  16. Your name is longer greenbean. It's " a day late and a dollar short"
  17. I welcome this nose bleed back into the AFC east. Come on back.. I can't wait to see what Revis and Cro would do to your 4.8 a*s!
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