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  1. Today's practice was at 1:30pm. So I see you leave at 3pm because practice is over by 3.30pm and then comes autograph time. Who did you chase down today?
  2. Im just trying to make you aware of what you are really doing. Im not going to list everything weird you do on here. That might be a 10 page thread. But think about it havent you notice you get the same response from others even on different message boards like the jets, mets, big brother, etc. whenever you make a new post? This is my last reply to this post. Enjoy your life. Goodbye.
  3. normal fans dont chase players in their cars eithers. Players have a personal life you should respect that. I ran into Mike Nugent once in lobby of a hotel. He looked like he was in a rush or late for something. All I did was say hey Mike Go Jets thats it. I didnt follow him down for an autograph.
  4. Let me see where should I start. How about when you push little kids out of the way so you can get an autograph instead of that 10 year little boy.
  5. Im not stalking you but at camp its easy to pick out the creepy guy there.
  6. Im just trying to wake you up. Seriously from all the post you make on the internet you really have a problem. The stuff you do and talk about normal people dont do these things.
  7. the only reason you go to camp is to meet players that way you can come on here and brag about it to others. Which might be fine if you were 10 years old but you arent.
  8. Some jet fan are you. Today you only showed up when it was autograph time at camp.
  9. Are you sure it was your sister driving? I went I saw you leave that day in your mom's Honda and your mom was driving, your sister in shotgun and you in the backseat. I think his whole thing is a big lie to get attention.
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