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  1. Actually, lions are color blind, so zebras blend in pretty well with tall grass.
  2. Hey would you like to join my Forums Site. I need more Members and Mods. JetsTitanForums.com I may make you a mod. You have some good feedback on here. please join..lol..thx

  3. All everybody does is complain that these coaches should be fired. Who would you have replace them? It's not like there's a **** ton of Hall of Fame caliber coaches sitting around not doing anything. And don't say Bill Cowher, if he wanted to be coaching this year he would be.
  4. On Mike & Mike in the Morning a few days ago, Ron Jaworski said he thought tonight was going to be the night the Jets' offense put on a show, here's hoping he was right.
  5. What does going for two have to do with anything? And I can imagine him doing it, didn't he do on onside kick to start the 2nd half or something sometime?
  6. Leon Washington did get that many touches in week 1, according to the NFL site http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/boxscore?game_id=29532&displayPage=tab_box_score&season=2008&week=REG1&override=true he had: 6 rushes 2 receptions 1 kickoff return 5 punt returns That adds up to 14 for all you non-math wizzes out there. People keep saying they want 10-15 touches from him, but that's how many he gets. Now, maybe you think he should get more touches then he is getting, which I would agree with. It's just mildly frustrating when people demand he gets x number of touches when that's exactly how many he's getting.
  7. Yeah, it's almost like repetition is important in football.
  8. Lay off Coles, the announcers were saying that Coles and Farve have only had two days of working together. Plus he would have had a big play except for PI.
  9. I agree that the rook looked great, but that pass rush sure was nice to see as well.
  10. Yeah they look pretty pathetic. Shaun Rogers isn't playing great either, I'm glad we wound up with Jenkins, he's a beast.
  11. No way is Faneca going to have a problem with Favre. He's an offensive lineman, they never get any glory and they're used to it. On SNY the other day he was talking about how O-linemen get a lot of satisfaction out of the accolades the WRs, QBs and RBs get because o-linemen know that they are just as important to a successful offense as the more glamorous positions. He's probably even more excited about this season then ever and I expect him to being crushing people left and right.
  12. WTF? The dolphins don't even know who's on their team? No wonder they suck they have unidentifiable players running around fighting people.
  13. I'm not exactly a huge Brett Favre fan either, he's always been overrated and makes some terrible interceptions at the most inopportune times (like say, at the end of the NFC championship game). That being said I hope he takes us all the way, there's no way I'll root against him, and to be fair it was nice seeing the Jets on ESPN for once, other then in Patriot highlights.
  14. Aren't they giving away raiders tickets?
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