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  1. Tis true. See it's easier when, like me, i was never a good poster. I keep expectations low. No one expected a thing from year 1 to year two from me. 10 years later, I'm the king of slightly below mediocre off topic in every thread posting
  2. The original TomShane was infinitely better. He's Lucky Charms and you're Marshmallow Mateys
  3. Seth Ryan would be catching passes alongside Santonio Holmes from mark Sanchez
  4. But what does Eric Mangini say about the book?
  5. He picked 12 random players one year just to make Manish look like an a**hole. While it didn't pan out, I respect the game
  6. You're expected to report four times per week to the mod lounge for a "self help" session with Crusher. Once you advance through the program, your required time int he mod lounge will lessen. But in our experience, you'll want more
  7. Yes, Tom likes to **** goats
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  13. It has been covered, I truly believe many of the Jets fans who voted in the polls had mayfield over Darnold because there was no thought Darnold would be there at 3, so they were being realistic. I believe you'd see on a lot of polls that Darnold was ranked third behind Mayfield and Rosen. Pretty sure its because no one thought he'd be available. Also, Welcome to the board. Hope you stick around
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    Message boards suck
  15. All this means is the Dolphins or the Bills will have an unusually good season and win the division and the jets will go 4-12