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    41-0 drubbing of colts
    Bill Parcells
    Jets-Pats 08,09
    Midnight Miracle
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    doug F'N brien
    '98 AFC champ game
    The end of 2008 season
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  1. youd need mods that actually work to do that
  2. It's not that hard. I once went the first 27 years of my life without sex. Then 7 years following that
  3. The entirety of Smokey and the Bandit
  4. IMO the only way you change teams is if your team leaves. Not the other way around. I have no issues with Oilers fans not following the team to Tennessee or all the moving the Rams and Raiders have done. If the Jets left the tri-state area, i'd be done. I'll just be a browns fan.
  5. Dude, Max isn't going to **** you. Trust me, I've tried.
  6. I did only because of the fact that two of the 3 WRs I wanted in that spot went right at the beginning of the round. I was convinced he had gotten too cute and should have taken Mims there and been done with it. It obviously worked out, but in real time, I wasn't happy at all.
  7. Every year I don't think they jets can screw up worse than the year before and every year they prove me wrong. Welcome to Hell 2020

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