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    41-0 drubbing of colts
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    doug F'N brien
    '98 AFC champ game
    The end of 2008 season
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  1. JoeC36

    2019 Road Trips

    DC, Buffalo and Philly confirmed. Cincy a possibility
  2. JoeC36

    Live vs TV

    you should repost what your day is like when you go to a jets game
  3. JoeC36

    Best Hotdog

    my favorite hot dog is always my next one
  4. JoeC36

    Favorite Movie Clips..........

    man, ive missed a lot while trying to get Max to fire me
  5. JoeC36

    Favorite Movie Clips..........

    RIP Falcon. He soared so high so quickly and crashed so spectacularly that he couldn't even post pron correctly
  6. JoeC36

    Word Association

  7. When I saw the leaked photo I was very meh about it. The whole launch party I thought was a fiasco so I hated them just because of that on Thursday night. BUT After looking at them yesterday, the color -- at least on the white jerseys -- struck me as very similar and reminiscent to the 90s Boomer esiason jersey I have. So I'm liking them more than I did the other night. I still wont buy one any time soon, but I don't hate them like I thought I would.
  8. JoeC36

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Coworker who rides with me in the truck all day tried from 8 until finally getting tickets on Fandango around 1ish. I couldn't get through on the AMC app, so I just stopped at the theater, which is around the corner from me, and grabbed two tickets for Sunday morning in Dolby at 8 a.m. Will be tough to avoid spoilers, but ill manage somehow
  9. JoeC36

    2019 NFL Draft Party at MetLife Stadium

    its cool to be in the locker room, but there is basically a rope that keeps you completely to one side and they just walk you through. If I remember correctly they may not have even had any of the lockers set up. its not so much a tour, as a walk through. don't let doing it or not determine how much fun you have there
  10. Man, those were easier times
  11. I nominate myself to say ill help with it and then drop the ball
  12. JoeC36

    Word Association

  13. LT was my first instinct for this team
  14. Weird, I don't see a new mod listing. @joec36 sucks
  15. JoeC36

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    The ghost of moderators past

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