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    41-0 drubbing of colts
    Bill Parcells
    Jets-Pats 08,09
    Midnight Miracle
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    doug F'N brien
    '98 AFC champ game
    The end of 2008 season
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  1. JoeC36

    This email we received, oh my

    Can he put an info graphic together regarding how long NFL team message board moderators last? I need validation that former mod GOB, was well short of average
  2. Got it and signed up. Thanks!
  3. If an extra is needed let me know. If numbers are good and I'm not needed, that's fine too
  4. JoeC36

    Jets themed fantasy team names for 2018

    Mine is "breathalyzer Ballerz"
  5. JoeC36

    seperate forum ?

    New York Jets Message Board Follow31 Talk about Todd Bowles, Mike Maccagnan, the NY Jets and the NFL here. because it's still the offseason for a few more days and we talk about football
  6. Just a friendly reminder to try and avoid politics as best we can. Thanks guys
  7. JoeC36

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    The newest one is the one I'm talking about. I enjoyed the first one
  8. JoeC36

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Jurassic world was a hot steaming pile of triceratops shit. I don't remember the last time I was actively rooting for a movie to just end. Seeing as Jurassic park is one of my all time favorites, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I'll take the talking raptor in Jurassic park 3 over this movie any day.
  9. JoeC36

    Jets Biggest Rival

  10. if it's their first game/tailgate have them try and bring a grill and make some burgers or dogs and throw a football around. I remember the first time I did that with my family when I was a kid and now I'm 30. They'll meet plenty of people in the parking lot, just go say hi and people are always friendly. You could also check out tailgate Joe if they want no muss no fuss. A tailgate ate can be as big or as small as they want it. It'll still be fun
  11. JoeC36

    July Madness sign up

    Next time you call out this many posters you're banned
  12. I'm past anger. I just laugh and hang my head
  13. JoeC36

    Edelman loses appeal

    Did they finally reveal that he was injecting himself with a mixture of Tom Brady's and horse semen? That's why it didn't come up as something recognizable on the test
  14. 10 years ago at 20 years old, Ive give it all up. I would have been willing to die the day after the super bowl at 20-years-old and I would have meant that. Now at 30, I'm not even half invested in this team as I was when I started posting on JN in 2007. Ive come to realize there are a lot of things that matter more in life than this damn team and I'm fine with that. I stopped letting them piss me off and stopped yelling at the tv a long time ago. This team is still my #1 sports team i follow, when i was 20 it was my life, now its just a hobby. TL;DR - Zero. I'd give Zero

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