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  1. I did only because of the fact that two of the 3 WRs I wanted in that spot went right at the beginning of the round. I was convinced he had gotten too cute and should have taken Mims there and been done with it. It obviously worked out, but in real time, I wasn't happy at all.
  2. Every year I don't think they jets can screw up worse than the year before and every year they prove me wrong. Welcome to Hell 2020
  3. So all this virus stuff has made me realize how much everything can just go away in an instant, including sports. And while i'm lucky enough to go to work every day, essentially work by myself and have TONS on time to think, which made me realize that Ive wasted a lot of time over the years trying to attend a Jets game at every stadium. While that is still the ultimate goal, I compiled a list of sporting events that if I don't attend in my life, I will forever regret it: - Indy 500 - Rose Bowl - Iron Bowl at Bryant Denny Stadium - The Masters - Kentucky Derby - LSU at Night - Penn State White Out game - USC vs Notre Dame at South Bend - Super Bowl (Not going unless its Jets, so this will never happen) - College Football Championship Game - Final 4 - Blue Jays game at Sky Dome (staying in the hotel and watching from my room) What are your games/events you want to attend.
  4. If there's no fans at the games, I'm putting it on you to figure out a way to do a virtual JetNation tailgate party for the games. Maybe a live pregame show and work in some kind of giveaways and for the love of god bring back the chatroom
  5. In the future please post the article as well as the link. Thank you!
  6. Evan! You're really still doing this? I know for a fact your thread is still here. Use the search function bubby
  7. Found Shorty McOffensiveCoordinator's burner

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