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    41-0 drubbing of colts
    Bill Parcells
    Jets-Pats 08,09
    Midnight Miracle
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    doug F'N brien
    '98 AFC champ game
    The end of 2008 season
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  1. One of my mortal enemies is a Buccaneers fan. So whomever wins the AFC has to win the super bowl. I took a vow that I would only wish sports heartache on this person forever.
  2. "I'm not a genius. I don't have all the answers," - Rich Kotite
  3. That secret thread doesnt exist. (It's a group text now)
  4. I remember him when he was knee high to my short ass wearing that too big hat and now hes off to college. Time flies when your posting with you internet friends
  5. Lynyrd Skynyrd Live Asbury Park 1977 Full Concert - YouTube
  6. You all disappointed me. Only one single appropriate post from @Smashmouth This thread is locked.
  7. If you remember what it was, ill change it back.? there wasn't another gameday thread, but just one poster's rambling thread he was using alone as a gameday thread and when I merged it took that threads title so I changed it back to game day.

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