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    41-0 drubbing of colts
    Bill Parcells
    Jets-Pats 08,09
    Midnight Miracle
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    doug F'N brien
    '98 AFC champ game
    The end of 2008 season
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  1. That kind of optimism is frowned upon in these parts
  2. Your New York Jets take on the Browns of Cleveland in a rematch of the first ever Monday Night Football game that took place in 1970 when @T0mShane was just ripping the heads of his sisters Barbie dolls, before becoming the sociopathic lunatic serial killer we know and love today. Anyway I digress. The Jets have their work cut out for them tonight missing half their team to injury and illness that usually only affects members of the high school band. The Browns come in with OBJ who insists on wearing a watch, when he all know he can't tell time unless its digital. Good luck to our Jets I hope they muzzle the Dawg pound and escape their own home stadium with a win. Clear Eyes, Full Heart, someone get me some booze.
  3. I have Philly, Redskins, Cincinnati and Buffalo all booked
  4. Giants fans booing already. My how the turntables have turned
  5. You need a much bigger bubble for them
  6. Not as bad as Bud. That sh*t is headache in a can
  7. JoeC36

    JN Run Club

    @Maxman used to Run
  8. I'm extremely offended that I am not higher on this list

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