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  1. Hes pretty much the same player as McFadden...
  2. When I was at the Jets vs Eagles this year, I was talking to a Jets fan and we both agreed that we missed Herm.. So there.. Im allowed to have an opinion.. What superbowl masterpiece did BP leave us? He gave Herm a 39 year old QB.. and an aging defense.. Plus was it Herm that made all the personel decisons? No.. It was that dumbass Bradway.. Herms teams had character...
  3. I don't understand?? I liked Herm... He went to the Chiefs, because it was a better job, and oppurtunity for his family.. Wouldn't you all do the same? Jets fans are ridiculous.. The guy was good here... The team played hard for him.. Its not like he was handed the keys to a great football team.. Herman Edwards right now is better coach than Eric Mangini in my book... The guy won playoff games.. How many Jets coaches have done that? He was also good for a laugh.. Herm was a good man and a good coach, and im sick of seeing the grief he gets on this board..
  4. As of right now what would you say the consensus top 10 is? 1. Miami-Glenn Dorsey 2. St.Louis-Chris Long 3. Atlanta- Matt Ryan 4. Oakland-Darren McFadden 5. Kansas City- Jake Long 6. New York- James Laurenitus 7. New England- Mike Jenkins (CB to replace Asante) 8. Baltimore- Brian Brohm 9. Cincinatti- Sedrick Ellis 10. New Orleans-Kenny Phillips
  5. The difference between McFadden and Bush, is that McFadden actually did carry the load in college.. He has had over 200 more carries than Bush did in his junior year..
  6. That guys a trooper, and the Jets could use leadership.. I would bring him out to toss the coin before every game.. and during OT
  7. January 15 can come soon enough.... SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE I COULDN'T BREATH FOR THE FIRST TIME, THANKS TO YOU NOW I GET WHAT I WANT!!! And that is American Idol!!!!
  8. He really looked like he was running for his job in OT.. What an A-Hole.. He probably knew that if the Jets picked McFadden he would lose some money... Where was that Thomas Jones in OT all year? And why was Solomon Wilcox on his dick?
  9. Cutler is struggling? The guy is already a top 10 QB.. He might be the next Favre.. I'd sure trade Kellen and the human revolving door for him
  10. "If I can't trust an accountant to make my football decision, who can I trust?" -Woody Johnson
  11. Yea.. I'm not an Andre Woodson fan...
  12. What I like about each of them is that they don't come from football factory programs.. Just because they don't have the hype, doesn't mean they can't play.. I honestly love Brohm as a prospect
  13. Is it not worth it to take a chance? I don't think its fair to Jets fans to have to watch Kellen Clemens; a guy with no Youtube highlights(because he sucks) play QB for them... The guy SUCKS! Have you not seen enough? What makes you think he can play in this leauge.. He is just going to hurt himself.. You cannot convince me that Kellen Clemens is a legit NFL starting QB.. KC is a mid 2nd round pick.. The Jets should have no obligation to him whatsoever.. They gave him a look.. and guess what? HE CAN'T PLAY
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