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  1. We have no dynamic players. Chiefs are loaded with them.
  2. This is an excellent development for the JETS. Bring that pressure from the left side and crush Tannehill.
  3. Put this kid in touch with Richie Anderson. Who better to learn the nuance of the position.
  4. I hope Double O is on the board from OK. Love that kids motor.
  5. Kid is smart and articulate and can play the position well. I'm hoping he is there at 3. New York would be a good fit for him. "Draft the Heb!" Larry David
  6. Leaving tomorrow morning. First stop is Pat O'Brien's for a hurricane. Stop number two is Acme for some char-grilled oysters! Sec: 116 for the game.
  7. Sign Cousins and go running back and O-line with the first three picks. After that best pass rusher available.
  8. Looked competent in the pocket. You can already see the development. Most balls where there on time and in stride.
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