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  1. If the jets select Oj howard I wouldnt be upset in the least. If the jets traded back to 12 with the browns so they can take there hometown kid trubisky and have us there second this year I wouldnt cry either. I would hope though the jets can get howard and then give mixon a chance in the third round.
  2. Ok who you like? An inside line backer? Another DT? Or maybe a saftey? And watch mcown all fcking year handing the ball of to our stud rbs we have. Cmon man.. At some point you need to draft offensive playmakers.. That is a must.. they say our d was so bad last year and i agree..but alot of besides not beng able to cover a wr was that the d was on the field most of the time.
  3. Oh look mel kiper here.. he is your 4th ranked running back?!??!? Lol are you like alot of people that try and sound smart by going against ever scout,coach and talent evaluater? Please tell me why you have him ranked 4th? Have to hear this... my ranking would be Fournette Mixon Cook Mcaf
  4. Thanks man. Feels good to be back.
  5. Whos a troll? I been on tbis site for 9 years. Now im back.. the older members know. It was the board was jumping and lots of laughs.
  6. He and the coach get this year and thats about it. Thats why I take fournette.once in a generation type player then have mcown drive us into the ground. And get darnold.
  7. First answer for the other gentleman: Guden also loved russell wilson so who knows. Now for you... who is the next peyton manning? Sam Darnold? Maybe.. and believe me if they go 1-15 and they have the first pick they will take darnold even with Trubisy there if they felt he was manning. Remember young jedi.. rookie contracts have changed.
  8. Would you like to bet he goes 4th to the jags and doesnt make it past us? There pro comparisn for this guy is Bo Jackson.
  9. Omg..I see things havent changed a bit. Stop comparing players with other players. Fournette =. Brandon Jacobs and Trubisky = Jake Locker lol Thats so stupid.. They are themselves and will be judged by there own play. I want an offensive player no doubt but if adams drops I can live with that. Thing is...the jets are going to be really bad next year so It would be nore attractive to me watching my rookie rb tear it up or my rookie qb getting better each game. Btw for all the Gruden fans and his Qb camp crap.. watch the one he did with Hackenberg. He said and I quote.. This is a sure f
  10. I will take that bet. DT? Lol Only defensive peron i can see them taking at that pick is Jamal Adams if hes there.
  11. I like this guy.. he is absolutely right.
  12. Wow you are moderator now. I must have been gone longer then I thought lol please say Saynotodmc is still here.
  13. Hmmmm not sure I remember a person names pee bag. Must be new... anyways glad I have that effect on you already. Trust me it will get alot worse. But thanks for the welcome back.
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