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  1. Its very nice.. Expensive but nice.. Depends on your lifestyle.. It has a roof top lounge area... can host parties up there... Walking distance to come clubs... I am not married so this fits me.. I wont stay there forever.. plus with the 400 a month I save in state and loca taxes a month.. rent drops to 1000 a month and for that money totally worth it.. If I found a 1 bedroom apt in brooklyn for 1000 a month.. it most certainly wouldnt look like that... lol I am looking to get together with anyone from JAX to make a jet fan club... I spoke to Klecko already and we can easily take over some B
  2. Yes It has the internet lol Cappucino machine on every floor.. swimming pool workut facility with free weights.. cycle classes... washer and dryer included.. http://www.5thousandtown.com/
  3. The neighborhood changed.. My job has a office there in jax.. Ny salary plus raise.. with a lower cost of living and no snow... Pizza and bagels not enough to keep me here.. this city is such a tax burden... state local taxes.. plus Fed.. almost taxed 43 percent..
  4. Thank you.. that's correct.. instant raise.., I would have probaly gone further south myself.. but job location prevents that..
  5. Meth? Lol The area I'm talking about is filled with buisness professionals. So I don't know all about that.. So in NY and Jersey its not meth.. but it's pills.. epidemic.. and you can lose a lot of weight on those too.. Drugs are everywhere.. c'mon man.. stop already..
  6. Southside... close to the beaches.. town center.. tinsletown.. pm me.. I will give u my number and we will take that ale house over..lol
  7. You have absolutely no idea what your talking abut..I been down there several times.. Your the guy that drives on 95 pass jacksonville on your way to Orlando and only see the horrible view.. meanwhile. .all the big banks moved there.. Southside is Beautiful.. town center is very very nice.. julington Creek..manderin..ponte vedra.. TPC sawgrass is there.. it gets a bad rap.. where do you live? No drugs in NY? Hahaha like crowded smelly trains.. being taxed to death.. paying 2 grand for an apt in someone's house or paying 8 grand in real estate tax a year? Jersey better? Armpit of America..
  8. Oh definitely.., Brooklyn to Jax.. even more so lol... but I am leaving this heavy tax burden state..
  9. Lmao. Btw jax is one of the few places where we can say.. our football team is better then yours..
  10. I don't know.. I'm not into men.. how do you feel about them? What I do like is I can take my NY salary there...and lose the state tax.. and can carry a gun legally..Win Win..
  11. Angelo and Steven Berkowitz... grew up poor.. no tv.. had to listen the games.. and when we finally got a television..switched off by quarter holding the rabbit ear antenna so the other can enjoy the game with no static.. Went to coney island and the onky thought we had was if we died on the cyclone.. we wouldn't be able to see the draft on Saturday lol this wasn't the 60s.. it was the 80s.. I'm sure there are a lot of dedicated jet fans..but you don't have to paint your face green and yell like an idiot to be a great fan.. What I have found is this. I Remember going to the game with my Br
  12. I am wondering how many fans are from Jacksonville Florida. I am moving down there from Brooklyn in a month and wonder of there are any Jets fan clubs down there? Or do I have to start my own lol
  13. It's all good,I'm enjoying watching my team whip the Mets.. makes for a great night..
  14. I have to go back in,the posts and see who hated the geno pick.. I'm,sure it's the same people that love him now.. btw my pic is geno.. since he was drafted.. let's not spin this like I don't like geno.. but I think he give us the best chance to win.. well just wait till the preseason games start.. you guys will have plenty of material..
  15. Joe.. you were right.. Geno had no weapons.. but Vick is still a better QB.. at this present time.. 5 years from now..who knows..,but Vick has a stronger arm more experience and more mobile even with over ten years on geno..
  16. You guys cut me off... fantastic.. next time I will come prepared..
  17. Tom Brady blow up doll? That's original.. you have no idea what your talking about it.. I don't want Michael Vick to start and I know what Idzik is doing..what I'm saying is Vick is a better qb right this moment.. again I want Geno to start not Michael Vick.. what's wrong are you mad you had to cover your Mark Sanchez tattoo? Your favorite pick was our first round pick.. what a stretch.. btw cooking with Courtney segment is boring.. and a total yawn.. when you have something insightful to say or at least interesting let me know..
  18. I'm an ass? You know the rules.. no personal,attacks Mrs Sanchez.. and Mark Sanchez was,not the best option.. only in your little girl crush eyes.. Your not saying anything we don't know.. the argument for the 100th time..is who a better qb right this moment.. not for the future.. Angelo is wiser? great.. you hurt my feelings lol and Manziel could possibly be a future hofer.. he has that talent.. graded better then geno.. and I would have taken him over a safety. Let's face it..you were in love with Mark Sanchez.. even after the butt fumble and how terrible he was..you still would defend him..
  19. Yeah he can be our 11th Wr on the roster... We lost out on desean jackson... that would have been unreal... paired wth decker and amaro
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