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  1. LOL Yeah I am terrified.. BTW I got two words for you pal and its not Merry Christmas.
  2. Hey man that's a pretty cool name.. which ever way you spell it!
  3. Must have me confused.. I just report the news... I am not responsible for its accuracy.
  4. Come on. .it's the jets! The whole free agency has been a jinx! Do you think we would ever get someone we really wanted? We will be happy with jacoby ford and HA! HA! Clinton Dick
  5. We never had an issue in the past. But if that are the rules then fine.
  6. This site is accurate. It was founded by Charlie Burkowitz
  7. Nobody said it was the jets... I am just passing along some news... And who cares if you have to click on the link.. Are you that Lazy?
  8. http://profootballspot.com/_/nfl/exclusive-desean-jackson-trade-done-deal-r2263
  9. Now thats the best idea I have heard all year.. sign that beast!
  10. That is just because Pete is happy being in the superbowl. Figures he throw some compliments around about his former player while here in Jersey. The body of work proves Sanchez is terrible. The defense and Geno won 8 games with this terrible team.. Sanchez wins 4 if he starts
  11. I think we need to upgrade the running game.. We need a homerun hitter that can break one at any moment. Green wasnt that and neither was curtis martin for how great he was. We need recievers and pass catching TE that can stretch the field. We have ignored the offense for too long. Give Geno some weapons and see how he does.. Look at all the other teams in the league. Even the Jags have weapons.. Jones drew Blackmon.. browns have gordon and Cameron We are the only team with bargain basement players on offense. Clyde gates? really? nelson? Nelson was the best reciever on the team last year..l
  12. Chris Johnson is excpected to be released. Would anyone be in favor of giving him a shot? or Maybe a guy like RUN DMC! lol The newbies wont get that..
  14. He's awful after two preseason games? And what's Sanchez? Great? Lol
  15. Seriously guys? You know I been quiet for awhile now but I still read the board. So you are all telling me you rather start Sanchez win an extra three to 4 games.. Not goto the playoffs and have like a 6-10 record with the 8th pick in the draft next year? Or Start geno smith and let him take his bumps and bruises while learning on the job. Furthering his development. Win 3 games and get a top 3 pick in the draft when there is a once and a generation defensive player on this years draft with an amazing Wr as well. Seriously guy where not going to the playoffs with Sanchez and like it
  16. You know what.... How worse can he be then Sanchez? I mean that was probably the worst performance from a QB in many years... He was horrible!!! Like not even bad... He was horrific.... The jets d wasn't bad last year... Not when your on the field for fcking the majority of the time.... Fck all the reporters... they get a kick out of knocking the jets anytime they can.. They loved ripping the jets and they started ripping Geno and then when he went to the jets... They must have almost sh*tted themselves!!! Wow... Like a Christmas gift....
  17. What!!!! So if Russell Wilson was ready as a rookie.... Noticing i'm not mentioning RG3 or Luck because they are in different leagues.... But if Russell Wilson was ready standing at 5ft9 then Geno will be ready too... What makes Wilson better? All those teams past on Wilson last year.... now he is great? Im not saying Geno is better..Im not saying Wilson isn't that good...Im just saying as prospects go... Smith was a better one..
  18. Yeah like WTF already seriously.... I mean if he is taken by the eagles or any other org... He's a great pick.. a steal in the second round.... But we pick him and they want to rip him to shreds... It is unbelievable... I am so surprised a columnist or a reporter hasn't tried to stand up for the jets since they can be original and maybe stand out a little bit. I think they rather have a pile on instead... Nasib gem of the draft?? That's what I seen on Espn the other day..... Its too funny.... They were comparing this guy to chad Pennington.... if we take him... He is terrible.... what
  19. I say tebow and Mark go.... enough already with Mark Sanchez... we have our QB of the future and it isn't him
  20. Mayock: "The kid had a great Pro Day. Everybody was looking at Patterson and (Justin) Hunter and Da’Rick Rogers (of Tennessee Tech). Zach is a slot guy who ran a 4.45. He catches everything. He runs good routes. Prior to his Pro Day, I would’ve thought he’d be a sixth- or seventh-rounder. But he may have moved up into that fourth- or fifth-round range simply because he’s faster than people thought."
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